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Your domain name is your address on the World Wide Web. It’s a way to identify your location so people can find your website. Your website is like your Internet ‘home’ and you can move you website into a new house or apartment any time you want, but it’s best if you choose on address and stick with it. And, just like an offline business, one of your first key considerations for your Internet business is Location. Location. Location. Here are 5 tricks to find the perfect domain name for optimal WordPress SEO.

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Consider Branding When Choosing Your Domain Name

If you’re choosing a domain name for your already-established offline business you’ll want to try to get the same name. People will find your website one of two ways: They’ll either go to their favorite search engine and search for ‘body shops’ or ‘hair salons’ or they’ll try typing the name of your business into their search bar. Most people will choose the first method and they’ll look for the results for a name that sounds familiar. Since they’re already familiar with the name of your offline business, it only makes sense to choose that same name for your website so people can easily find you.

If you’re choosing a domain name for a brand new business you’ll want to consider your branding. And remember, you’re going to be using this name for a long, long time so think long term. You want a name that reflects not only your product but the entire concept or mission statement of your site. Think Ebay or

Choose a Domain Name That’s Easy to Spell and Remember

The best domain names are short and sweet and easy to spell and remember. They don’t necessarily have to be an everyday term right now, but they will be. Think Google, Facebook, Twitter and Digg. Nobody had heard of those words before those sites became popular. In fact they weren’t even words when they were first registered as domain names. But once the buzz started it was easy for people to find these sites because the names are memorable and it’s easy enough to guess at their spellings.

Avoid using intentional misspellings or numbers in your domain name. And if the exact name you want isn’t available try adding a small word like ‘get’ or ‘my’ to the beginning or a descriptive word like ‘online’ or ‘news’ or ‘website’ to the end. Remember though – it needs to be memorable and easy to spell.

Should You Choose a Dot Com Domain Name?

A dot com domain is still the best choice. It’s an international domain, it ranks the best with the search engines, and it’s still the first thing that comes to mind when someone is doing a search. If your offline business is XYZShoes and someone wants to see if you have a website, chances are they’ll type in XYZShoes (dot) com and voila! There’s your website. So yes, it’s still the best way to go.

Your next best choice is a dot net domain. It’s still international and it ranks well, too. Really, the only difference is that searchers don’t automatically think of dot net. However, depending on your content and ranking, even if the searcher just enters XYZShoe with no specific domain, your site would still come up.

Use the .org domain if you’re setting up a charity site or a site for a club or organization. For a multimedia site where you’re going to be using lots of audio and video content, choose the .tv domain. Try to stay away from .biz and .info and specific country domains. They’re uncommon, they don’t rank well, and you can always find something better.

Choose a Universal Domain Name

Today you may be concentrating on caramel apples, but what about next year? What about 10 years from now? Choose a name that won’t lose it’s effectiveness as your website grows and you broaden your offerings.

Check The Competition

Make sure no one else is already using a similar domain name. For one thing, you might get in some legal trouble. But you want a name that’s unique, that stands out from the crowd. And you definitely don’t want to be confused with your competitors.

Choosing a domain name can be fun. Get a pencil and paper and gather all your friends. Buy a few pitchers of beer and start brainstorming. Depending on the type of site you’re building you can even try comical names, like Don’t be afraid to take these tricks to find the perfect domain name and use a little creative license. Remember, it’s your site and you’re going to have to live with it for a very long time. Make sure you like your new address.

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  1. Membrane Keypad

    For me Domain name is really tough to find but you have given such a wonderful suggestions so now this issue is solved..Thanks!!

  2. Liza

    I don’t think numbers should necessarily have to be avoided. If you’re creative enough, you can make it work and make your website & domain name memorable enough for your readers & visitors. :p It works for me. ;)

    1. Steven

      you have to be very careful with numbers in domain names because in a lot of cases, they will look spammy…

    2. Liza

      Agreed, but a lot of people can make it work. You just have to be creative and confident enough to make it work.

    3. Steven

      I’m glad you are able to do it Liza ;)

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