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I’ve talked before about how the goal of your sales pages and squeeze pages should be to eliminate the obstacles between the buyer and the Buy It Now button. But let’s go into a little more detail. If you’re going to eliminate the obstacles you first have to know what those obstacles are. To determine that, you have to understand what motivates your reader.

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Before you can even think about racking up the sales you need to understand why a reader would even be motivated to hit that Buy button. Long story short: They’re looking for a solution. But not just any solution. They want a solution that meets the following criteria:

It must be a clearly obvious solution: You can tell them at the top of the page that this product is going to solve all their problems but they’re not going to believe it until you’ve answered every single “problem” they might have. Every reader has one specific problem they want solved and it differs from reader to reader. So a blanket “This works, you should buy it!” isn’t enough. You need to anticipate every single problem and show how your product is the perfect solution.

It must be the buyer’s decision: Think about what happens when you go out to buy a new car. If the salesman takes you by the hand and says, “Here. You need to buy this car. It’s perfect for you!” you’re apt to kick him in the shins and tell him to take a hike. You’ll buy a car when you’re darn good and ready and when you do it will be because YOU decided it was the right car for you.

You’re more likely to buy from a salesperson who walks along beside you, answers your questions, (eliminating the obstacles), and lets you make up your own mind.

It must be a no-brainer decision: The more obstacles there are to overcome, the less likely you’ll make a sale, regardless of the price. So your sales page needs to make the visitor feel like this is a no-brainer decision.

People are only motivated by price when they’re buying luxury items. You pay attention to the price of a movie ticket because it’s not something you really need. You stop and think, could you make better use of that money, and many times you talk yourself out of seeing the movie.

But when it comes to necessities like food you’ll pay it. You’d pay a thousand bucks for a bottle of water if you were stranded in the dessert because that water is something you need to survive.

The key to that no-brainer buying decision is to eliminate that moment where the reader steps back to think about spending his money. To do that, you have to dig down to find the real problem, the one problem that takes your product from the luxury category into the life-or-death, can’t-live-without-it category.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a luxury item like bubble bath. No one needs bubble bath to survive. But many people do have sensitive skin issues. They’d love to use bubble bath because they want to smell pretty and have soft, glowing skin, just like all those celebrities, but they can’t because it always gives them a rash.

If you address the real issue that’s causing the pain – they want to beautiful soft, glowing skin like the celebrities – and let them know “This is the only bubble bath for people with sensitive skin!” then you make it easy for the visitor to justify making the purchase.


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  1. Allie

    I didn’t get the whole selling thing until I read that you need to solve a problem. And then all of a sudden my mindset changed and I was able to write posts and copy that helped the reader know they could solve a problem with that product.

    I love how you stated that you need to take away that doubt. How true! I talk myself out of many things because I over-analyze. I am one of those people that are hard to sell to. So if I can learn how to sell to people like me, I can sell to anyone. Without being sneaky, untrue or unfair of course, just facts and a little nudging. :-)


    1. Steven

      Thanks for another insightful comment Allie! People will always have doubt… you need to be reassuring…

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