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Over the last few years there have been some big advances in Google’s search algorithms. What may seem like an advance to Google is often a huge setback for SEO fans and internet marketers. The most recent algorithm updates have been named “Panda” by Google themselves. These updates have brought with them many changes including the devaluing of “spammy” links, as well as a reduction in the importance of high Page Rank (PR) links.

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Very recently Google decided to take a whole host of blog networks offering high PR links to users. This shook up lots of people and websites and has left many people at a loss as to how to rank their website. The fact is that a lot of the blog networks that Google deindexed were some webmaster’s ONLY backlink building tool. Anyone who built backlinks with these networks and ranked solely on those links will no doubt have experienced a shock in the last few weeks. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that backlinking is pointless though.

Go about backlinking the right way

There has always been an argument that there are two sides to SEO; blackhat and whitehat – with blackhat being where underhand tactics are used to gain rankings, and whitehat being legitimate tactics used. Most webmasters who have religiously stuck to whitehat methods have seen very little change in their rankings recently, and they’ve mostly moved up if they’ve moved at all. Whitehat linkbuilding can be an arduous task, but it’s hard to deny that it brings in long lasting results.

Some of the ways in which you can build links include:

  • In your forum signatures and profile sections on web 2.0 sites
  • By guest blogging on authority blogs in your niche
  • By posting informative articles to sites like Ezine, Hubpage and Squidoo
  • Sending out press releases

These are just a few of the many ways that you can build links to your site. Whilst some people will say that it’s simply too much hassle, the fact is that these links are largely contextual and will carry with them much greater weight than the spam links generated by automated software. If you’re one of those people who can’t justify spending the time on linkbuilding the right way, why not outsource the task? It’ll certainly pay off in the long run.

Is there such a thing as “easy rankings” anymore?

It’s fair to say that gone are the days of chucking 50 posts into Build My Rank and watching your site hit the top spot. Gone are the days of running a few SENukeX blasts and seeing your site hit the pinnacle of the SERPs in just a few weeks. It just can’t be done any more – and with each algorithm update that Google release, it’s becoming harder and harder to rank websites.

The thing with SEO is that as soon as one loophole is closed by Google, another one swiftly opens. Don’t give up all hope on SEO just yet.

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  1. Andrew

    Link diversity is definitely key moving forward, especially with the recent de-indexing of the Build My Rank network…

    1. Steven

      They’re going after unnatural linking pattern. Now, you better have good skills if you’re building links to make sure they look natural ;)

  2. Tbaoo

    i’m blissfully unaware of how it works, what it does and what impact it has (or will have) on tbaoo. my incredibly small niche will allow me to stand out from others i hope .. it’s going ok so far

  3. Carrie Atkins

    What about community back-linking? For instance, what is a whole bunch of small businesses in Oklahoma City link to each other and create a “circle” per say. Is that bad practice? Will I be penalized for that?

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