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I’m hesitant to write this post for two reasons: 1) PageRank is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everyone think it is. And 2) Too many people are going to take my advice and try to game the system. I’m going to share my advice anyway, but keep in mind: There are no shortcuts anymore. If you want to increase your PageRank really fast, then you’re going to have to be willing to work really hard.

A good portion of your PageRank is determined by looking at the number of incoming links. But it’s not just the number, it’s also the quality and relevancy of those links. A link coming from a high-ranking relevant blog will carry much more weight than a link coming from a low-ranking blog in a completely irrelevant niche.

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Google itself has said that PageRank is almost meaningless these days, although they do still keep mentioning it in their articles and videos. PageRank is dealt out to specific pages, so one blog post may be PR6 while another is PR1, and your homepage might be a PR2. So it’s more important to focus on creating an overall high-quality blog that encourages readers to move from page to page, so all of your pages index well.

There are four main ways you can generate these high-quality relevant links:

Guest Blogging: Create high-quality, unique content and submit to high-ranking blogs. Most blogs will allow you to include one or two links to relevant content on your own blog.

Natural Backlinks: Create high-quality, unique content and publish it on your own blog. Write the type of content that other bloggers would want to cite and link to as a resource for their readers.

Link Out To High-Quality Relevant Blogs: Cite and link to high-ranking relevant blogs from your own blog. Those other bloggers will see your pingback and start checking you out. Eventually, they’ll start linking to you, too, as long as you’re writing content worth linking to.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is still a viable method for linkbuilding. Again, you’ll still need to create high-quality content as most directories are tightening up their requirements.

Now, you’re probably going to say there are other ways you can build backlinks and you’re right, there are. You can go out and build your own satellite properties and link to your own blog. You can buy links from other bloggers. You can leave comments on blogs, and there are probably a few more I haven’t mentioned. However, these are artificial link building methods that may work for the short term but could end up backfiring. Some can even put your whole business at risk.

The best way to build your PageRank fast is to publish regularly and frequently and always, always, always focus on providing unique, remarkable content. Then, if you publish it on your own blog, other bloggers will be more likely to link out to you. And if you publish it somewhere else it will be more likely to be accepted and the people who read it will be more likely to follow your links.

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  1. Michael Scott

    Good, common sense read. Very helpful. Thanks.

  2. Sherman Smith

    I found it that it’s better to create unique content and build your backlinks naturally with a quickness. I was using programs like Article Marketing Robot which didn’t really help that much. Thanks for another good post Ste

    1. Steven

      There is no shortcut in blogging: it takes work and dedication :)

  3. Gladston Pereira

    Hi Steven As you must know that i am new to blogging and i am going through exactly what you have mentioned in your email to me. I am so happy that i have you as a mentor and have kept reading all the emails that you have sent me – with this article i have understood that its important to get the page rank done in the right manner and get link from good quality blogs thanks for all the help look forward for more insights on blogging thanks Gladdy

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