Transfer Gmail: How to Move Emails from an Account to Another

Steven2 responsesGeneral1 min read

When doing all the setup for my blog at, I came across an issue. I needed to move my emails from my previous Gmail to another Gmail. Google made it simple to import all your emails from another provider to Gmail, but exporting from Gmail is more tricky. 1/ First of all, you need […]


Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Steven2 responsesGeneral1 min read

If you had only the time to read a single book, this one is definitely THE book you need to read! It will enlighten your thoughts about the way marketers are shaping and shifting your decisions to convince you that you REALLY need what they are trying to sell to you. Why do our headaches […]

Setting Goals: Success Is Impossible Without This

Steven2 responsesGeneral3 min read

You can’t become successful without setting your goals! It’s as simple as that. Every successful marketer that I can think of, has smart goals. And by that I don’t mean goals in the back of his head. I mean written goals and objectives. Goals Types There are 3 main types of goals for me: short […]

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