Monthly Income Report May 2020: $1,145.90

StevenIncome Reports3 min read
Monthly Income Report May 2020: $1,145.90

It’s time for a quick recap of May! There’s only one way to summarize these past few weeks: it’s been the perfect storm. Obviously it all started with the Coronavirus pandemic that put a massive number of countries in lockdown. It disrupted internet usage all over the world. Some website lost a majority of their […]


Business Domain Name: Ideas That Help Your Marketing Initiatives

GuestBusiness & Career3 min read

What if you could choose from business domain name ideas that help you with your marketing? There’s a lot that goes into choosing a name – and you don’t want to do it haphazardly. It’s why you have to think about how your name can help you market your business without spending thousands of extra […]

Choosing Business Name: 3 Smart Tips To Help You Brainstorming

GuestBusiness & Career3 min read

Sometimes, it can feel like the hardest part of developing your business idea is figuring out what to name it! After all, how can you condense everything that makes your business special into just one or two words? Worse yet, what if you like the name when you pick it, but you start to have […]


Writing Cold Emails: Here’s How to Actually Get Them Opened

GuestEmail Marketing5 min read

Just like the traditional process of cold calling, cold emails are used by companies to reach out to prospective customers that you’ve never interacted with. They’re designed to educate new audiences about your products and services and let them know how you can solve a problem they are experiencing. Cold emails are a great option […]

Online Business Basics: Fundamental Requirements for Success

GuestBusiness & Career3 min read

Without a robust online presence, business owners struggle to stay ahead of the competition. Online transactions are at an all-time high, and many consumers may discover your business for the first time when they visit your website. Visitors to your site need to see something unique to stay engaged, and an unappealing site with stale […]


Covid-19 & Ecommerce Startups: Disaster or Opportunity?

GuestBusiness & Career4 min read

COVID-19 has turned out to be one of the worst pandemics in human history, affecting millions of people across the globe. While the pandemic is having a growing impact on the global economy, the eCommerce sector has the opportunity to open the door to new possibilities. Let’s try to figure out what changes COVID-19 is […]

Data Marketing Platform: The Concept Behind This Tool

GuestBusiness & Career2 min read

For any advertising team to launch a successful and productive campaign in the 21st Century, they must learn to take advantage of consumer data. Also, good consumer data and effective use of that data enhances the analytic and reporting precision of any organization. However, a lot of advertising teams are confused by the intricacies that […]

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