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We do a lot of writing in the blogging business. A blog post every day, articles for article marketing, guest blog posts so we can extend out reach and back to more blog posts.

Naturally, you’re going to have days when you just can’t come up with anything to write about, no matter how hard you try. Here are four amazing tips for overcoming writer’s block to get you back in the blogging saddle again.

writers block

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Just start writing

I read this suggestion on a writing blog years ago and I thought it was just a bunch of poppycock. But it really does work.

The next time you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just sit down and start writing. Write about whatever comes to mind, even if it’s gibberish. Within 14 minutes you will be in the mood to write and generally that’s what’s preventing you from coming up with an idea. You just don’t feel like writing today. Well, sit down and get started. You’re only 14 minutes away from your daily blog post.

Read something humorous

I have plenty of days where I have the ideas, I just don’t feel like writing. And even the best ideas have to be forced onto the page when you ‘d rather be having a root canal then struggling through another blog post. At first I was going to recommend that you go visit one of your favorite blogs but then I decided I needed to be more specific. When I don’t feel like writing I go visit one of my favorite humorous blogs. Read a couple of long, funny blog posts and by the time you’re done you’ll feel refreshed and energized and ready to hit that page again.

Step away from your desk

Go throw in a load of laundry or take the dog for a walk. Meet a friend at your local coffee shop for lunch. Pull a few weeds in the garden, walk down to the corner to mail a letter, take a shower, phone a friend, or just put on your favorite song and dance for 20 minutes. Get your mind off of it for 20 to 30 minutes and when you get back to your desk you ‘ll be all relaxed and ready to tackle that blog post.

Read something relevant

Go read one of your competitors’ blogs and write something relevant. As a plus, now you have a reason to link to his blog, and maybe now he’ll finally link back to you. Check out Google News and Google Trends and write something newsworthy as it relates to your niche. Look through the recent comments on your blog and answer a few questions. Look at the comments on other blogs and answer those questions.

f you’re feeling particularly grumpy or blocked today, write a controversial blog post and take the opposite side of the issue. If you do, though, it’s best not to point fingers or name that other blogger and always present both sides of the issue in your blog post.

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  1. Mandira Mazumder

    Hi!I am yet to have my website and, to be frank, at a fledgeling state…However, this post conveys a great message to me as a beginner..To be spontaneous and keep writing for a warm up session before one gets into mood and comes out with some amazingly original stuff.If nothing else works one can get into the groove after recharging oneself in ways that suits one’s mental makeup. Lastly, I cannot more agree with Steven that funny writeups do help unwinding the knots and sets the mind free to think clearly……Thanx a lot…Mandira Mazumder

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