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Ready to outsource a full-blown ebook or a mini-ebook you can use for a lead magnet? Don’t be too hasty. Writing an ebook is a lot more complicated than writing a 500-word article. Read these tips first and you’ll get better results.

Tell Your Writer Exactly What You’re Looking For

Of course, you actually have to know what you want before you can convey that information to your writer. But here’s what you really need to think about: What do you want to achieve with this ebook?

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Are you trying to promote your site and build your credibility, or are you trying to promote a specific product? Do you want the reader to finish your book and move on with their life or do you want them to immediately visit your blog and buy your big product?

If you pay someone to write your ebook and it doesn’t accomplish what you need it to accomplish then you’re going to blame the writer. But if you don’t tell the writer what you need, who’s fault is it really?

Ask For Writing Samples

Before you hire a writer you need to ask for samples for two reasons: First, you need to see if they write well. But even more important, you need to see if they can cover your topic well. Remember, you need to look like an expert.

If you need an ebook about your new diet it’s not enough to look at a sample article about knitting. It might be well written but the writer might not know beans about diets. If the writer has no similar writing samples available but you like his style, ask him to submit a sample article.

Caution: There are some shady buyers out there who demand that writers give them sample articles using specific keywords and/or titles. Please don’t do this. Every freelance writer knows you’re just looking for free content. If you’re seriously looking for a good writer to handle your business, then treat that writer with respect and negotiate an equitable deal.

Word Count vs. Quality vs. Your Budget

You and I both know that word count has absolutely nothing to do with quality, yet many buyers insist on a 50,000 word mini-guide or a 80,000 word ebook. In the end, it’s your money and you should get what you want, but like I said earlier – make sure you know what you really want. Most writers will understand you have a budget and they’re willing to negotiate with you.

Keep in mind, too, that if you really want a 100-page ebook and nothing less will do, you can do things like add images and use formatting to make up those extra pages.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your writer. They’re business people, too. They’re not going to share your secrets and they’re not going to try to cheat you out of your money. They have a reputation to protect just like you do. It benefits that writer to give you the best deal possible – and the best ebook possible – because if you’re successful, they’re successful, and you’ll come back when you’re ready for your next ebook.


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