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Original Blog Content: 5 Ways to Generate it

While the most obvious way of creating content for your blog is to write it yourself, you may be interested in other ways to generate content for your beloved blog. Of course, you should always try to keep in mind that generating unique valuable content for your blog is one of the numerous keys to get a successful blog.

1/ Write content: this is the most obvious one, I won’t develop it because all it needs is a bucket full of ideas and motivation.

2/ Hire a writer: you may have already thought about this one but you didn’t take the step to go on interviewing some potential writers for hire. Go for it! There are plenty of writers out there who are looking for opportunities to make a few extra bucks by writing articles. You can find some writers on freelance websites such as Elance or Odesk. If you hire a writer, make sure to state as clearly as possible your expectations about the article regarding it’s length, quality, etc…

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3/ Ask your readers: if your blog is already receiving a decent amount of comments, you may be able to spot some recurring commentators. Some of your readers may be skilled writers and they might enjoy being under your spotlights for a while. Once you spot an interesting commentator who seem to have things to say, just shoot him an email to offer him a spot on your frontpage.

4/ Guest blogging: once your blog gains some authority in your niche, some other bloggers might be interested to get an article published on your blog. If you provide them with good exposure, they might be interested to get in front of your readers eyes. For example, I will always take a look at Guest Blogging opportunities I receive from my Contact Page.

5/ Republish your old content: I know this one may sound a little cheesy, but don’t you have some articles in your archives that you published before gaining visibility? Maybe some of these articles can be republished with very little tweaking. (Don’t abuse this one, but it can be useful for a “dry day” when inspiration is falling short.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to generate content for your blog, please share your ideas in the comments!


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  1. Dana

    Republishing your old content is a little edgy but a lot of the big names in the industry are using this trick from time to time… I guess noone is safe from a “dry day”.

    1. Steven

      A good way to stay safe from these “dry days” is to plan ahead and have a few articles already pre-written

  2. Mitch

    Guest blogging is a method that is pushed a lot by the big bloggers but I am not sure you are really getting as much value as they say… It may just be a way for them to get free content from newbie bloggers.

    1. Steven

      I haven’t tried Guest Blogging until now. I might give it a try on 4 or 5 carefully selected blogs to see how it goes in term of traffic and brand awareness… I’ll do a case study about that!

  3. First Website

    Some of these only apply if you have a decent following already… It would be pointless to have open questions in your blog posts if there is no regular visitors to answer to them! It would make you look pretty lame, wouldn’t it?

    1. Flash Games

      Obviously, hiring a writer is something else you can’t do when you are just starting. But does it really matter anyway? When you launch a new project, you should be the one working on it to make it succeed…

  4. Abdu

    I create original content. but the index on my blog too long to indexed by google. Are there solutions and tips to increase the index. Thank you

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