Optimize Adsense Positioning Here is How to Increase Your Earnings

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Optimize Adsense Positioning: Here is How to Increase Your Earnings

Most bloggers have at least one Adsense ad-block on their site and some have three or four. Some bloggers don’t have anything but Adsense on their site,m but it’s not necessarily how many blocks you have, it’s how you have them optimized. Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Adsense positioning to increase your earnings.

Above the fold

The area “above the fold” on your blog is prime real estate. It’s the best place for your top content, and it’s the best place for your ads. Nobody likes to scroll so if you’re going to grab your readers’ attention you have to grab it in that area that appears “above the fold” – the top portion of your blog that appears, without scrolling, when your visitor first hits your blog.

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Inside the content box

Most bloggers put their Adsense ads in their sidebar but that’s not necessarily the best place. You’ll see better results if you put your ad-block inside your blog post, for two reasons:

Better targeted ads: The closer your ads are to your keywords, the better targeted your ads. The words nearest your Adsense have some influence on the ads your visitor sees.

Your intention should always be to provide quality content to keep readers on your blog as long as possible. Eventually, though, they’re going to leave. The purpose of putting Adsense on your blog is to give your visitor a link to more of the same type of information. You already know he came to your blog for your gardening tips. He’ll be more apt to click a link that leads to more gardening tips.

But, you have no say in what ads come across your Adsense feed. You can, however, control them to a certain extent with the keywords you use in your content. Try it and you’ll see. Move one of your Adsense blocks out of the sidebar and put it near a keyword rich sentence somewhere in your blog post. You’ll see a noticeable difference in the ads that appear.

The second reason you want to place a block within the content, above the fold, is because that’s where your visitor’s eyes are. They’re reading that first bit of content to see if they want to read more. If they don’t, you’ll have an Adsense there for them to click that will take them to more information. Even if they leave your blog, you’ll still make money.

Above the blog post

Place a 468 X 60 banner across the top of your blog posts. Again, this position is above the fold and since it’s right below your post title it’s usually one of the best targeted ads you’ll have on your site.

The idea is not to bombard your readers with Adsense, thinking that, if nothing else, they’ll have to click on something just to get off your blog. Instead, place your ads strategically for higher visibility and better targeted ads. In fact, there are several WordPress plug-ins that will allow you to place your ads individually in each blog post so you can choose the best placement.

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  1. Kc @ Genxfinance

    I agree, “above the fold” is the best place to put your adsense and you need to research well to get highly targeted keywords and ads to get the result that you want…

    1. Steven

      However you have to be careful to not fall in the trap of targeting keywords with poor content just for the sake of getting some adsense impressions and clicks

  2. Howard

    Interesting that you recommend a banner at the top. I’ve been running one as a test, with zero click-through for the last month — with traffic to the site over 25,000/month. I think that “banner blindness” has pretty much wiped out that form of advertising.

    1. Steven

      25,000 unique visitors or 25,000 pageviews? It depends on so many factors… Industry, general blog design, how the ads blend (or not) into the page. Howard, you shouldn’t discard all banner advertising at once just because one test went wrong

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