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There’s a reason your employer uses things like time clocks, productivity reports and those boring training seminars, the very things you hate most about your job. It’s because he’s running a business and he’s trying to make a profit, much like you’re doing with your blog. So what does that tell you? You’ll make a lot more money if you quit treating your online work like a hobby and start treating it like a job.

Start Punching A Time Clock

I know, the whole reason you decided to get into blogging was so you could stop punching a time clock, but no successful business person has ever built his empire working a few hours a day, on the days he feels like working.

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That doesn’t mean you have to go back to that 9-to-5 grind. It just means you have to start putting in some full-time regular hours if you want to build a business that can replace your full-time regular job. It doesn’t matter what time you start working everyday, what matters is that you set up a regular work schedule. So choose the hours where you can be most productive.

And remember: The more productive time you spend working on your online business, the faster it will grow.

Create A Production Schedule

When you’re working for someone else, quotas and goals are a pain in the neck. The bar is always set a little higher than you can reach, but whether you realize it or not, each time you reached those goals the business made a little more profit. The same holds true for your online business.

Set long-term and short-term goals and always have your day, week, and month mapped out on a production schedule. Working alone, online, can be great but it also comes with a whole new set of distractions. You need a schedule so you can keep your business moving forward.

Eliminate Distractions

There’s a reason companies have those drab, boring cubicles – they help eliminate distractions. Now that you’re working at home, online, you have access to your cell phone, your TV, the music, your Facebook page, and all those online games you love to play. But every hour you spend away from your business means lost income opportunities. Treat your online business like a job and eliminate those distractions.

Training Seminars Are Still Necessary

There’s a lot involved in an online business. You need to know how to host and build a website, how to write that killer content, how to market and promote your product or service, how the Internet works, how to install this script or that plug-in, and the list goes on and on. And let’s not forget the fact that the technology changes every day and you’ll have to keep up with those changes.

Building a successful online business doesn’t mean you can finally break the chains and just do whatever you want. If you want to generate a sustainable, long-term income, then you’re going to need to treat your online work just like a job. The difference is – you set your own schedule and goals, and you get to decide what direction you’re going to take your business.


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  1. Mike

    This is so true! As an entrepreneur working from my home office, it can be a challenged to have a routine that helps you get things done! I’ve struggled with that my entire IM career (13 years). If you have “ADD” like me LOL it is doubly hard to maintain focus on one thing and get it done.

    I think if someone came out with a “no-fluff” Internet Marketing “Get Things Done” book it would be a huge hit. I think a lot of us home business people need help with how to set up our day and stay focused.

    Just my “2 cents” worth.


    1. Steven

      Hey Mike, we’re on the same boat on this one. Sticking to a schedule is really tricky when you don’t have any obligation. My way of dealing with that is keeping to-do lists with various time limits so I keep moving forward, and limiting the time I spend on non-productive activities.

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