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If I remember correctly, not so long ago I was giving you a list of 5 time wasters to stay away from. Today is time to give you a list of 5 sites that will definitely save you plenty of time if you tame them! These 5 sites could make a huge difference for you on your path to online success. Follow the guide.

online time savers

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  1. Google: as the main search engine out there, I simply couldn’t live without Google. How many times did I forget about a website or service that I wanted so badly to use… So I just typed a couple of keywords in Google and Tadam! I had my website url again.
  2. Wikipedia: Whenever you are searching for some information on a general subject, Wikipedia is THE go-to place. You are almost always sure to find the answer to your question.
  3. Email: While for a lot of reason you have to be careful not to waste too much time with your emails, it can also prove to be a huge time saver. If you need to contact a company but do not want to wait in line for a never-ending time, you can simply fire up your email client and get in touch with them!
  4. Online Stores: As I am a complete workaholic I generally don’t have time to visit regular stores. I use online stores for most of my shopping. The good thing being that when you finish your work at 2am, you can still visit your preferred online store to do some shopping! That’s something you can’t do with brick-and-mortar stores.
  5. Elance, Odesk and Similar Websites: my day of work is generally so full of things to do that after 18 hours of work I have to stop because I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes opened in front of my screen. The problem is that more than often, I do not manage to do all the things I have to do each day. One thing I recently learned about is to delegate part of your work. You have to analyze the tasks that can be done by someone who doesn’t get the big picture and hire some freelancers to do the job. It will save you a lot of time to either take some free time or to focus on expanding your business even further.

I hope these 5 time savers will help you improve your experience online and will allow you to increase your productivity!


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  1. Chris

    Nice follow up piece! I think this is a great list. But i have to say the wikipedia is another one of the sites that, if I’m not careful, ends up wasting my time more than saving it. I guess I just like to look up and learn about random things!

  2. Samie

    I really like the last point, it’s something I learned a lot about from Timothy Ferris in his book 4 hour workweek, it’s all about delegating your tasks so you have more time to either relax or focus on the things that matter. Very, very smart to look at it that way.

  3. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, my life depends on online shopping, otherwise I have no idea where I would find the time to do it! Once again, technology proves to be my savior haha

  4. Gorman

    I think this article goes really well paired with the last one. The main problem is Focus. Anything on the internet can be a tool OR a detriment, all depending on your focus. It’s definitely good to keep these things in mind.

  5. Anon

    I think the best one on that list is the Elance, as Samie has pointed out, sites like that are huge for saving your time for the more important things. It’s something every business owner needs to do in order to be successful without going crazy trying to do it all him or herself. Delegation.

  6. Buysellwordpress

    Thanks God,I have already understood the importance of all these sites and as a result I’m using them day by day, and I can definitely say that do save much my time

  7. Sarah

    @Michelle, I hear ya girl! I ONLY do my christmas shopping online. This year, I spent a few days brainstorming gift ideas for my family, then hopped on to amazon and in 15 minutes I had bought all the gifts I needed!

    1. Michelle

      It’s a dream come true, really. No people to deal with, no driving through traffic, and I can stay in my pajamas! :)

  8. John

    E-mail can be tough. I typically only check my email once in the morning and once at night. If you need to shoot off a quick email to a client or colleague at some point during the day it can be tough not to go through my unread messages when I open my inbox.

  9. Liz

    As if you couldn’t tellll… (LOL!) I have pretty serious ADD, so what I have to do to keep myself focused is have music in the background, have a snack in front of me and sometimes I even have the TV going. Oy vey!

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