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Anyone with a website wants to know that they are going to be successful. After all, having a successful site often brings financial reward and name recognition. It does not matter if your site is selling products, a blogging site or simply one to offer your services; if it is not successful then you are essentially wasting your time. The question that results is how to measure your online success to determine if your efforts are worthwhile.

Before you can begin to measure your website’s success you must first know what your goals are. When you created the site you likely had a purpose and an idea of what you expected to gain from the site. This included both short term and long term goals. If you are blogger then your first goal may simply have been to acquire frequent visitors and increase your traffic significantly. Over time that goal would change to having those that interact on your site and share it with their friends and family. Your long term goal may be to have others look to you as a reliable source of whatever information you are sharing.

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A site that sells products or services would obviously have different goals from the beginning. Even though your business will require substantial traffic, the fact is that you want to see sales or bring in clients. Without that, the traffic is generally useless. So your long term goal may be to have your website be the chosen one for specific types of purchases or services. The short term goal may simply be to attract customers and clients slowly.

The reason that it is important to know what your goals are is because you can only measure your success by how close you are to achieving them. However, that is not the only factor that comes into play with measuring success. You will also need to look at what type of site you have, how long it has been active and what your personal opinions of success are.

For the blogger who has only been active a few months seeing a significant increase in traffic can show you that your website is indeed successful. However, that same website may not be deemed a success if you have been blogging for years and still haven’t reached the point of having your site recommended to others as informational or fun. That being said, if you are personally happy with the level of traffic you receive and the results of your work then that in itself could deem your website successful.

The majority of people, bloggers and otherwise, want to eventually have a steady income from their website. So once a reasonable time has passed you may find yourself measuring success by the amount of money the site is bringing in. Though this may factor in, you want to also consider how long you have had the site and how many of your short and long term goals have been achieved. In the end, if you are meeting your goals then that alone could grant you the online success you want.

In short, the answer to the question of measuring online success is that it will vary from person to person and website to website. You will look at all of the factors that should be considered and see what direction your site is headed in. As long as you are continuing to make progress on goals and feel as though having the site is rewarding and worthwhile, you can easily count yourself as successful.


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  1. David

    it is quite interesting to see all the different methods that people use to monetize their blogs. I suspect that each business is unique and different. Different things work more or less powerfully for different people.

  2. David Hall

    “The reason that it is important to know what your goals are is because you can only measure your success by how close you are to achieving them.”
    Something I am trying to teach the people I help, you need goals – without them you are on a journey with no intent or purpose – sure you might think you know where you are going but you will also never know if you are:

    1) taking the most effective route
    2) heading down a dead end or the wrong way

    After our talk today I put a lot of things into motion and now stand tall above some very exciting long-term projects!

  3. Becca

    Mind maps are diagrams drawn around a specific keyword to explore new ideas, thoughts and reflections.And its good to know what measures other business are using, Thanks for the share.

  4. Sarah Mills

    Thanks Of all your suggestions Steven,taking action is the one thing that will come closer to insuring success than anything else. As we do, we learn and attract others to us that will come to our aid. Make sure you are setting goals and doing a weekly assessment of your progress toward achieving those goals. No matter how you measure your success make sure that you congratulate yourself when you achieve the goals you have set. That alone makes you a success.

  5. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    In case if you have a certain number of readers, that continues growing, and the amount of your earnings is also increasing – then you’re on the right way

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