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The Internet is so huge and the information found here is unlimited and, in many cases, utterly fascinating. Yet many of us get so bogged down in our own little corner of Cyberspace, working on our blogs and websites. We work on extending our reach for a larger audience but we don’t spend enough time expanding our brand. There are unlimited opportunities for expansion on the Internet. Here are just a few possibilities for you to investigate.

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Develop new streams of information

If all of you information-gathering is related to your business then you’re missing out on a huge percentage of life. Make a concerted effort to start exploring the world and you’ll find a whole new world of possibilities – and some of them might even benefit your business.

Twitter: Create five or six new Twitter searches and add the RSS feeds to your feed reader. Chose at least four that are totally unrelated to your blog, and the other two need to be at least one step away from your niche.

Blogs: Find five or six new blogs to follow. First, though, take a look at the blogs you’re already following. If more than half are already related to your blog then you need to broaden your horizons. Look for blogs in niches that spark your personal interests, completely unrelated to your business.

News websites: Choose at least one website that originates in another country so you can get a different perspective. You know what they say about the grass always being greener? Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, seeing how hard people have it in other countries makes you appreciate what you have even more.

Social networks: There are hundreds of safe social networks and forums all over the Web. Join one – just one – that has nothing to do with your business. Interact personally, not as someone who’s trying to promote their business. Make new friends, not just “connections.

Expand your reach locally

Even if you’re operating on an international level, don’t overlook the purchasing and promotional power of your local marketplace. Not only that, when you connect locally, you can become a contributing member of your community … and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Your blog: Set aside a section of your blog to address local issues related to your niche. Offer advertising space to local businesses and work out a barter system where everyone benefits. Get involved with a local charity or community group and promote it on your blog. Almost any niche can benefit by tying into the local marketplace and you’ll grow your influence in your community, too.

Facebook: Don’t forget to reach out for local followers on Facebook. In fact, set up a page specifically for local followers and help promote other local businesses.

Expand your product offerings

The first place bloggers head to when they learn about affiliate marketing is Clickbank. Then they go to Amazon. Then, most of them drop out because they’re not making any money. Affiliate marketing isn’t dead – you’re just working in markets that are already saturated.

Instead of going with the same networks everyone else is using, go out and find a product you want to promote. Most manufacturers have affiliate programs these days but a lot of them have their own in-house programs. Visit the manufacturer’s website and scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage. Usually, that’s where you’ll find a link for their affiliate program. Who knows? You might find a product that nobody else is promoting!


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  1. George@seekdefo

    Have you ever read Dale Carnegie’s book on public speaking. The advice is very similar but the only difference is that you applied it to the internet. Dale says that to expand our thinking we need to meet people of different professions completely un related to ours and we have it here

    1. Steven

      I didn’t read that book, but I’m glad to see that our minds are alike ;)

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