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How many times have you landed on a blog and said, “Oh, that’s just a bunch of poppycock!” and you clicked away, never to return again? You’ve probably done it dozens of times and your readers have, too. What makes you stay on a blog? What makes you come back again and again? The blogger’s online presence and his credibility. How do you get some of your own? Read on…

It Takes Time To Develop Trust

It takes time to build credibility with your readers, especially because you’re working online. For every credible blog you’ll find a dozen that are nothing but junk, so readers are a little more careful about who they decide to trust.

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When you meet someone at a party you don’t just automatically give them your trust. You have to talk for a while, maybe even have several conversations over a span of time, before you consider that person a credible source of information. Online readers operate the same way. They may have to visit your blog several times before you earn their trust.

Patience Is Key

Every second of every day a new blog enters the marketplace and some of them are going to compete with yours. Don’t give up just because you’re not seeing immediate results. Sometimes all it takes to develop credibility is to be the blog with the most longevity. The Internet is littered with abandoned blogs. Stick it out long enough and your competitor will be part of the litter.

Be Fresh And Unique

Don’t just regurgitate something you read on another blog. Give your readers your own opinion, tell them why you think this information is relevant for them, and express your own unique opinion. Not only will this help increase your credibility, it goes a long way toward establishing your online presence. You become known as the blogger who always tells it like it is.

Be Proactive

Learn to anticipate opportunities and trends. Instead of rehashing the news, be the blogger with the scoop. Don’t wait for ideas to come to you, go out and look for ideas.

Step Away From Your Blog

To develop an online presence you need to step away from your blog and go where the audience is. It may mean using social media, it may mean guest blogging or publishing at content sites, or a combination of all three. But the further you reach outside your blog, the bigger your online presence.

Your online presence and your credibility go hand-in-hand. Without credibility, it doesn’t matter how far you extend your reach, no one’s going to pay attention. But without an online presence, it doesn’t matter how credible you are because no one’s going to hear your message. So don’t focus on one part of the equation at the expense of the other. Work to build your credibility and presence online at the same time and you’ll attract those readers you’re looking for.

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  1. Miss Awa's Blogazine

    Thanks. This article is really enlightening. I’ve been writing a blog for about 9 months, and although it seems to take forever to build an audience, I’m still keeping at it. I find that without almost daily content, it’s hard to keep your audience. Would you think so?Thanks for the tips!

  2. Charmen Butler

    This is the most intuitive information I have read about blogging so far. You can always find an article on the proper format to use. This is the “down to earth” common sense I have been looking for.

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