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As an online business you need an identity. In the business world this is known as your brand. Developing a brand will ensure that others know how to view you and associate specific things with your website. Building a brand online sometimes takes a little more work than if you had simply opened a brick and mortar business. There is a lot of competition online and you need to be unique to your fans. This is what makes your brand so important and makes it vital that you know the proper way to go about creating one online.

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build your online brand

The first thing you have to be concerned with is your appearance. Much like traditional businesses, your visitors will identify you with your look. This includes everything from your business page design to the logo you select. Anywhere online that you have a presence you should use this logo and design. Some social networking sites will not allow the coloring and design changes, but you can have your logo displayed so that it sticks in the mind of your fans. When you choose the design make sure that you select something you will be happy with for many years. Short of extremely well known businesses, there are few that benefit from a logo change.

Your name is another thing to be concerned with. Not only will you be naming your business, you will be creating a domain name as well. This should be something that is simple to remember while still being catchy. The goal here is to make yourself memorable. If your name easily comes up when needing information or products, it will increase the amount of business that you get. Again, choose this carefully. You will stuck with your name for many years to come.

Once you have created your brand it is time to get it out to the public. The absolutely best way to do this is through promotion. Spend time finding websites that have something in common with your site. They can be blogs, forums or any other type of page. Make posts, leave comments and always link to your site. Be certain that you use your design and logo whenever you travel the internet. You want people to associate that image with your business. The more you put it in front of them, the more likely it is that it will happen.

Your brand will be what sets you apart from your competition. As you begin creating it you should think of what you want others to see when they think of you. This will not only assist you in coloring and website design, but in choosing a logo as well. If you are not talented in this area then hire a professional. It is vital that you have a great logo designed that will instantly let people know that you are the one posting or sending email. Eventually trust will be built in your brand and you will see that your success continues to improve.

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  1. Mike

    There is a lot to be learned from this post. These are the hardest, and the most fun decisions that one makes when starting a business. And you are 100% right, starting an online business is ten times harder than a brick and mortar business because you’re competing against hundreds of thousands of other online businesses. Standing out in a crowd is crucial.

  2. Liz

    I think you’re definitely right about being memorable. You want to get as much exposure as possible while at the same time sticking out in people’s minds. You want them to say “I’ve seen that somewhere before, and I can’t get it out of my head.” That’s going to drive a lot of traffic! So make sure your logo doesn’t suck!

    1. Anon

      LOL so no pressure or anything! I’m sure if someone’s logo sucks they’re stuck with it at this point.

  3. Mitch

    I worked as a graphic designer for a few years, and I can tell you that hiring a professional is worth it. It’s ok to have a general idea or color scheme, but when it comes to design, if that’s not something you know you’re good at, hire someone else. It’s unbelievable what bad design can do to a business, even one with a great product. It’s got to be aesthetically successful in order for it to work.

    1. Samie

      I’m not at all the creative type, except for a casual interest in photography. I think it would definitely be something that I would have to get a professional to help me with.

  4. Gorman

    I think the hardest part is getting your name out there. That’s where the real challenge is, the logo is the fun part haha.

  5. Anon

    Also, by the way… How did you get a copy of my business card?? I guess I should thank you for the exposure.

  6. Michelle

    This is the first impression, it should say everything about you and leave them wanting more in 5 seconds or less!

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