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OIO Publisher Review: Easily Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

OIOpublisher was created in 2007, with humble beginnings as a simple and free WordPress plugin.

The goal of the plugin was to help with the sale of paid reviews and text link ads.

Since that time, it has been increasingly developed and now serves as a full-featured direct advertising solution.

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OIOpublisher is a PHP based ad manager that lets bloggers control the ad space on their website. It also provides access to the marketplace, which helps bloggers engages with advertisers. With OIOpublisher, you can sell banners, text link ads, in text ads, paid reviews and even custom products and services of your own.

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OIOpublisher also comes with extensive documentation, so that all of your answers can be solved. You can either search through the documentation yourself, contact customer support, or ask a question on the forum.


The main benefit of OIOpublisher is that it enables bloggers to cut out the middle man in advertising, and take more of the profit for themselves. It gives bloggers 100% of the control over their advertising, while making it so that they don’t have to micromanage everything – after OIOpublisher is installed, sales are fully automated.

You can even run third party ads alongside your own ads, without having to separate them out into different advertising sections on your blog.

It’s a flexible solution as well – to prevent having lots of blank space on your site before ads are bought, you can choose to fill the spaces with your own ads (which could be advertising your services, or linking to affiliate products).

OIOpublisher helps bloggers save time and effort, while making more money from advertising. Installation is simple, and OIOpublisher automatically emails click and tracking reports to advertisers on a weekly basis, so they can see exactly what benefits they’re getting from advertising on your blog.


OIOPublisher costs $47, a reasonable price for a powerful product. It can also be downloaded as a WordPress plugin, making integration even easier for WordPress users. You can also join the affiliate program for OIOpublisher, which gives you 50% commission for all copies sold through your affiliate link.

Another great thing about the cost is that OIOpublisher doesn’t take a cut of your advertising income after you pay for the plugin. You pay the one-time fee of $47 and that’s it. If you’re paying out a chunk of your advertising revenue every month to a middle man, a one-time fee is quite the improvement. Support is free, and one-click updating is available with OIOpublisher.

To use OIOpublisher, you’ll need a self-hosted blog (a blog that isn’t blogname.blogspot.com or blogname.wordpress.com), but if you’re focusing on monetizing your website, that’s something you should have anyways.

OIOpublisher also comes recommended highly by the likes of such bloggers as John Chow.

If you’re looking to monetize your website with advertising, OIOpublisher would be an excellent purchase to make. Especially so if you’re currently giving away a large percentage of your advertising profits to have someone else handle advertising for you, as OIOpublisher will streamline and automate the process while letting you keep all of the profit.

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  1. Webdesign Inspiration

    I’ve been using OIO for a few years now on one of my blogs and it really takes away all the back-end management of your advertising space. Great tool!

  2. Flash Games

    Since Google is coming after flash games websites, I’m thinking about implementing this kind of script to manage my advertising space…

  3. Websiterockstars

    I just implemented it on my other site and I got my first advertiser. Works great and can’t beat the price!

    1. Steven

      You’re right. You probably can’t find any other advertising management system with so many features for such a low price. :)

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