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One of the most time consuming tasks a blogger needs to focus on is traffic building.

It’s often tedious work but it’s something you just have to do.

Without traffic you might as well hang up your blogging shoes and go get a J.O.B.

If traffic building is so important, why then do most bloggers over-look one of the most obvious solutions?

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Why don’t more bloggers leverage their offline social networks to get more traffic to their blogs?

leverage offline social network

You already have something in common

These days everybody has a Facebook and Twitter account.

If you have multiple websites, you probably even have one for each site.

But what about your personal accounts?

Your personal accounts are important pieces of Internet Real Estate with lots of potential for generating traffic.

One reason that a lot of bloggers don’t think about using their personal accounts for traffic is because they don’t think their Friends and Followers would be interested in their blog.

But if you think about it, you have something in common with each one of your friends.

By definition, friends are people who share common interests.

If you’re blogging about a topic you like then chances are someone in your group of personal friends will like that topic, too.

And who better to invite to your blog than someone who’s already comfortable talking to you and sharing ideas with you?

What a great source of comments for your blog!

They’re your friends and they’d be happy to help

We all know how much work is involved in generating that first trickle of traffic to a new blog.

First one visitor, then 3, then maybe 5 or 6.

It takes forever to get even 20 visitors a day.

And nobody wants to be the first to leave a comment on a new blog.

It’s like cutting into a wedding cake.

Everyone’s afraid they’ll spoil the look.

All it takes is one or two comments though and all of a sudden you have a thriving blog.

Wouldn’t it be great if a new blog came with built-in traffic and comments so you could stop sweating the small stuff and get down to some serious business?

Nobody wants to clog up their Friends’ walls with useless links, which is why a lot of bloggers shy away from leveraging their offline social networks for traffic generation.

But look at what your friends are posting.

These people are your friends.

They’re not posting Nobel Prize winning information.

They’re posting items that they think are interesting, for whatever reason.

And a lot of times they’re asking you for help with something.

You can do the same.

Ask your friends to help share your links.

Ask them to talk up your blog with their own followers.

Ask them to visit and leave comments to help build the momentum on your blog.

If these people are truly your friends they’ll love the idea of helping you out.

They may even turn into some of your most loyal followers.

Don’t be shy about making money online

Most entrepreneurs are anxious about selling to friends.

There’s that whole ‘Never mix business with pleasure‘ thing going on and we all know what happens when you sell your friend your used car.

But don’t shy away from promoting your blog to your offline social network because you’re afraid they’ll think they have to buy something.

Everyone has their own unique reasons for whether or not they’ll buy something and your friends are no different.

Ask your friends to visit your blog and leave comments, and ask them to help share your links and spread the word.

Beyond that, leave the buying decisions up to them.

As long as you’re following good business practices and you’re not trying to scam anyone it shouldn’t bother you if they end up buying something while they’re on your blog.

Give them something to talk about

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – “I don’t care what people are saying as long as they’re talking about me!

Some bloggers are afraid to show their blogs to their personal followers because they’re afraid their friends won’t like it.

But who cares? Give them something to talk about!

Any publicity is good publicity – just ask Charlie Sheen.

There are millions of people out there who can’t stand Justin Bieber yet every time a blogger mentions his name the traffic pours in.

The Internet thrives on negative publicity and controversy and sometimes bad news travels faster than good.

So don’t be afraid to share your blog with your friends.

Go ahead.

Give them fuel for their next debate.

They’ll be talking about you forever.

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