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It would seem to make perfect sense: Your blog is online so you should promote it online.

But guess what.

There are still plenty of people out there who don’t automatically shop online, who don’t automatically turn to the Internet when they need an answer, and who don’t automatically rely on the Internet for all their daily news.

They have a computer, but they’re not online 24/7 and they don’t bleed Facebook Blue.

How do you connect with someone who’s not always connected?

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Step offline and meet them on their own turf.

Meet The Press

Your local newspaper is a good place to start. Newspapers use press releases as filler. Submit a press release announcing a new development in your niche and include your name and your website in your byline.

Newspapers are always looking for any type of filler content. You’re a blogger, which means you’re a writer. Contact the editor and offer to submit an article if you can include your name and website in the byline.

Don’t forget about local TV and radio stations, too, and there are thousands of talk radio programs across the country. No, you don’t have to travel now that everybody has Skype. Email TV and radio editors with a list of talking points and let them know you’re available for interviews.

Classes And Seminars

I have a friend who’s interested in the history and psychology of the vampire culture and believe it or not she makes a lot of money giving small presentations at libraries across the state. She gives a 2-hour presentation, takes questions from the audience, and when it’s over she sells copies of her book.

Local civic organizations are always looking for speakers. And local community colleges are always looking for new courses. Or set up your own seminars and either charge admission or use it as an opportunity to promote your product. Contact local churches, community centers and hotels for conference rooms.

Present An Award

Stage an event and present an award to the winner. For example, years ago a friend of mine started a Bike-A-Thon to help support a local charity and she presented an award to the winner of the race. Years later it’s still known as the Trish Austen Bike-A-Thon to Support the Smithboro Community Center.

Sponsor A Team

Nothing says exposure like having your name on the back of two dozen little league baseball shirts. All their parents see your name, all their opponents and their parents see your name, and they wear your shirt into every pizza parlor and ice cream shop in town.

Hand Out Business Cards

Most bloggers don’t even think about business cards because they don’t think about offline promotion. But business cards are one of the best ways to promote your blog. Keep a stack in your pocket at all times and pass them out to everyone you meet, even strangers you bump into on the street.

Donate Prizes

Lots of organizations have annual bazaars or other fund-raising activities and they’ll need a Silent Auction item or a door prize or a prize for the raffle, and they usually offer loads of free advertising in exchange for the donation.

Attend Events

Every city and town has events all year long where you could conduct some powerful offline promotion – Bridal shows, boat shows, travel and RV shows, garden shows, conferences, seminars, tours – you name it. Attend events and pass out your business cards. Take a lesson from my Vampire friend: Find a way to be relevant to the crowd and get yourself a booth.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    I like the idea of using seminars and biz cards to promote Steven, good stuff!

    Take your time to reach out offline too. Do not fall into the online trap holding online guys and gals back.

    I had a super chat with my dad last night, offline. Gave me a ton of helpful ideas.


  2. Andrea

    This is worth reiterating often. Good advice-easy to forget when you’re always online.
    Leave biz cards in public places.
    Never thought of sponsoring ateam. That would be awesome to see my info on tee shirts. Got to choose carefully thoigh since I’m a romance writer. lol!

  3. Karen Dawkins

    Thanks! I’m participating in my first community event next weekend. Looking forward to it. It sure helps to get away from the screen and connect with real people now and then. Now that my blog has a product line to go with it, I really feel a need to promote face-to-face and connect with others.

  4. Jane

    Attending live events and handing out biz cards surely do work! Live events are also great ways to connect with people face to face and have one or two words about the biz!

    Meeting the press is a great idea and can result in great exposure over night. But we need to already have some related connection or be willing to spend some money to get it through!

  5. Robert Stover

    In this day of blogging and social mania, so often we forget that just 4 years ago, the majority of businesses got clients offline…

    …and its still very effective.

    Post cards, direct mail, classified ads and my favorite, FedEx letters are still very, very effective.

    Thanks for posting these great strateges

  6. Matthew

    These are great suggestions Steven. It’s a refreshing perspective that effort offline can translate to greater success online. No matter how good of an impression you can make online, through your social media channels, or on your blog, there’s nothing quite like the impression that can be made live, which can be a huge driver to your online activity.

    Thanks for the post.


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