Off Topic Blogging You’ll Kill Your Blog Without Even Realizing It

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Off Topic Blogging: You’ll Kill Your Blog Without Even Realizing It

Many bloggers don’t even realize they’re letting their blog go when they start wandering off topic.

In fact, many bloggers don’t even realize it’s a problem when they wander off topic.

Do it long enough, though, and here’s what happens…

You’re blogging along, sticking to your topic, and everything’s coming up roses.

Then one day, for no reason other than you’re bored with your topic today or you just don’t feel like writing, you craft a little post about your dog or your kid or your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and it’s a hit.

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Your readers love it because it’s something a little bit different, it’s entertaining, and it gives them a little insight into the blogger behind the blog.

Over time, in an effort to increase your traffic or just relieve another case of the Blogger Blues, you start posting these little off-topic posts more and more frequently.

So frequently, in fact, that they’ve now become a part of your regularly scheduled content.

For you, these little off-topic posts are easier to write and they’re a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the topic you’ve been writing on every day for the last two years.

The problem is, this off-topic content is not the reason your readers started following your blog.

And if you’d only check your stats, you’d see that it’s not quite as popular as you think.

Sure, that first post was a hit because it was a novelty.

But if you eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast every day, eventually you’re going to get sick of it, because that’s not what your body needs.

And that’s exactly how your long-time readers feel about your blog.

It’s not what they need.

You’re no longer giving them useful information they can use to solve their problems.

You’re just giving them fluff.

And make no mistake, you may be delivering very high-quality, valuable information, but if it’s not the information your reader needs – it’s fluff.

3 Ways To Get Back On Topic

1. Redefine your niche

It’s time to get back to the basics.

What are you blogging about and what do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

2. Broaden your topic

It may be that you started with a niche that was too narrow and this new topic you’re covering is just a natural progression to broaden your niche.

If that’s the case, update your “About” page and your categories to let your readers know that you’re not dropping your initial topic, you’re just expanding it.

3. Start a new blog

If the off-topic content you’ve been publishing is in a completely unrelated niche, it might be best to start a new blog.

It’s never a good idea to try to attract to completely different audiences to the same blog.

You’ll get better reader satisfaction and better SEO if you start a new blog to cover that new topic.

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  1. J. Rose Allister

    This has been a huge issue for me in doing an author blog. I’ve had blogs centered around a theme that made content (relatively) simple to stick to. As an author, though, I find myself all over the map. Am I promoting myself or a product? Am I spamming or offering content? Am I writing posts that relate to my field or to my target customers? And so on.

    Every time I see one of these articles that talk about sticking to one concept, I cringe. After years of “author” blogging, I’ve still yet to figure it out.

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