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I recently donated my services to create a blog and website for a church. No money changed hands but it was one of my most rewarding blogging experiences I’ve ever had. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend getting involved with a non-profit organization and here are ten reasons why.

Grace: Call it Grace, call it Karma, call it Goodwill, call it whatever you want, you’re opening yourself up to positive returns when you donate your services and expertise.

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Prospects: Many prospective clients prefer to do business with companies who help support good causes. For example, the local funeral home has contacted me to design their website, for a fee of course, because they appreciate the fact that I helped the church they’re aligned with.

Branding: Visit the local diner, pizza parlor or sporting goods store and you’ll see plaques advertising the fact that they support a local Little League Team or Girl Scout Troop. It works the same for bloggers. You get a little boost for your brand when you align yourself with your local non-profit organizations.

Inspiration: It’s truly inspiring to see how happy the members of my church are with their new website and blog. It makes me want to dive right into more creative projects.

Purpose: While money is always a nice reward, there’s something to be said about my sense of purpose now. I have a deeper understanding of just how great an effect a simple blog can have on the world and the possibilities are truly endless.

Visibility: Of course, the church is happy to give me free advertising space at the top of the sidebar and I’m constantly being introduced to business owners who belong to the congregation. Word spreads fast!

Networking: Every non-profit organization has people who handle the media, people who handle the accounting, people who handle promotional and fund-raising activities. The connections you make are mind-boggling.

Sales: Obviously, with all these connections and increased visibility, you’re bound to pick up some sales. It took meetings of approximately three hours each, and a couple of weekends of set-up to handle the sites for the church, but the increase in sales has more than made up for the time I spent.

Taxes: Depending on the laws in your area you may be able to use some of your expenses as a tax write-off when you’re working for non-profit agencies.

Happiness: It just makes me very happy to see how happy the congregation is with the simple little blog and website I set up. I’ve helped them increase their feeling of community and brotherhood and we’ve even put together some fund-raising ideas that we can do with the blog.

There are non-profits in every community. Scout troops, churches, charities, outreach programs – you name it, they’re in your town. Whether you’re a member or not, I highly recommend lending a hand. The rewards are greater than you can possibly imagine.

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  1. Karen

    I really think thats nice. I know the feeling! This year I did taxes for some co-workers and since I’m on unemployment I could not take no money so I wrote a small list of 5 items that they buy me that would equal the cost if I charged them. I got food, I didn’t cheat the unemploy’mt people, and I made my co-workers extremely happy. When you do someone good, you can not outdoor God’s favor that he pours down on you. It is indeed a good feeling!

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