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There really is no right or wrong way to make money online. Talk to 20 different successful bloggers and they’ll give you 20 different marketing approaches. Since there’s no single definitive marketing plan, no one road map that’s guaranteed to lead to success, it’s sometimes difficult to gauge your progress. How long should you keep traveling the same path before you decide it’s leading you astray? How much is too much effort if you’re seeing no progress?

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Some goals take longer to reach than others

The first thing you need to do is separate your goals, break them down into manageable increments.

For example, your main goal may be to make $10,000 a month with your blog. That’s great but it’s going to take time to reach that goal, and before you do, you’re going to have to accomplish a lot of smaller goals.

First, you’re going to need to bring in a lot of traffic. Even this goal can be broken down into smaller goals. You’ll want to bring in organic search traffic, which means you’re going to need to identify your market and research keywords. Then you’ll want to bring in referral traffic which means you’re going to need to focus on creating content that others want to link to. Next, you’ll want to bring in direct traffic which means focusing on getting subscribers and creating bookmarkable content.

As you can see, traffic generation alone is one huge goal comprised of many, many smaller goals.

If you’re constantly looking at the big picture goal – your desire to build a blog that produces $10,000 a month in income – it can seem like you’re putting in too much effort and not making any progress. Trust me – it’s going to take a long time and a concerted effort to reach that goal.

However, if you focus on the smaller, more manageable goals instead, it’s easier to see that you really are making progress. In fact, you’re making a little progress every day.

Instead of looking at that $10,000 goal, choose one small goal to focus on every week or every month. Let’s say your goal for this month is to generate 1,000 new Twitter followers. You already know those additional followers will help bring in more traffic, which will help you reach your main goal. Focus on generating those followers for the next month.

In the beginning, it’s going to be difficult. It’s going to take a lot of effort. You can’t just jump on Twitter and ask for 2,000 targeted followers and have them all show up the next day. In the beginning it may seem like you’re not making much progress, especially if all you’re looking at is that really big $10,000 goal. However, over time, you’ll learn how to attract the followers you want and what types of content they like to share.

So how much effort is too much? If you’re not moving forward, or if you’re just spinning your wheels, then you’re wasting effort. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop. The key is to realize when you need to make changes in your approach. It’s easier to see where those changes are needed if you focus on smaller, more manageable goals and eventually you’ll reach your “Big Picture” goal.

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