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If you’re thinking, “Oh, woe is me. Nobody cares about my blog”, you may be right. The Internet is littered with blogs that no one cares about. If you’re not seeing much traffic, nobody comments and nobody shares your links, your blog may be one of them. Here are five reasons why your blog might not be getting the care and attention you think it deserves.

You’re Just Re-hashing The Same Old Stuff

There is no niche that doesn’t have at least some competition, and many niches are highly competitive, with new blogs joining the fray every day. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to be unique in some way, and, since we’re talking about blogging, that usually means you need to be creative with your content.

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It’s not enough to simply visit one of your competitors and rewrite their content in your own words. You need to make that information relevant to your audience.

For example, anybody can blog about the general results of the recent election. But you need to tell your readers why that information is important to them. If you’re blogging for seniors, then they’d be interesting in knowing how the new health insurance bill is going to affect their Medicare coverage.

You Don’t Go Into Any Great Detail

Are you a lazy blogger who avoids citing statistics and quoting reliable sources because you don’t want to have to do the research? That may be why no one cares about your blog. People go to blogs looking for specific information. That may be satisfied with generalities at first, but then they’re going to want more in-depth information, especially if they’re planning to make a purchase. If you’re not willing to provide it they’ll go somewhere else.

All You Do Is Sell, Sell, Sell

New bloggers, especially, are terrified that if they don’t keep that Buy It Now button under their readers’ noses they’ll miss it, and they’ll lose a sale. People will buy when they’re ready to buy and they know how to find the button.

But it’s a proven fact that your readers are going to visit your blog at least 7-10 times before they’re ready to buy. That is, as long as they can find the information they’re looking for. But if all they ever see is your Buy button, they’re going to look at you like you’re a scammy, pushy sales person.

You Don’t Update Regularly

Your readers may have been interested in your blog when they first landed there a few weeks ago. But since you aren’t adding fresh content on a regular basis, it looks like you’ve either abandoned it or you just don’t care.

You Don’t Acknowledge Your Readers

One of the main reasons no one cares about a blog is because the blogger doesn’t acknowledge his readers. He doesn’t respond to comments or emails. He doesn’t interact with his readers when he sees them on Facebook or Twitter or Reddit. He just acts like he doesn’t really care if anyone reads his blog or not. And if the blogger doesn’t care about his readers, why should they care about his blog? There are plenty of other bloggers out there who’d jump at the chance to give them some love and attention.

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  1. Tracey Fisher

    This was great! I’ve read other blogs of similiar content, you found a way to zero in on the target, at least for me. I am ashamend to admit, I am guilty of a few of the things that you pointed out, especially not updating regularly. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Steven

      I’m glad you found some useful information in that post, Tracey

  2. Roxann Souci

    I appreciated your article. Perfectly sensible Thanks.

    1. Steven


  3. @teni_beauty2

    Thank you for this great post. To be sincere am doing almost of the points you highlighted – still am not seeing the results I want. What more may I do? *Incidentally, my friend says am in a hurry as my blog is just a few months old* Do you agree pls?

    1. Steven

      Building a successful blog takes time and effort (and a lot of these). Don’t get ahead of yourself and keep working at it. Being constant is extremely important. How is it going for you?

  4. George

    Crafting a blog post can be compared to a sculpture. You have to chisel out not relevant content from your blog post so that it assumes a shape that your readers can easily digest.

    1. Steven

      That’s inspiring George… It’s like some kind of poetry ;)

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