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No Comments: Why My Readers Stay Silent?

For a long time, when I first started blogging, I’d visit these other blogs that would have dozens of comments on every post and I wondered what I was doing wrong. Try as I might, I never seemed to get many comments, even though my traffic numbers were gradually increasing. Finally, I decided to really start looking into this issue. What were those other blogs doing to get all that activity? And why wasn’t my blog getting all those comments?

The first thing I discovered was that it’s not really important how many comments you get because those numbers can be deceiving. If you look closely at some of those blogs it’s easy to see that many of those comments come from the blogger’s family or friends. A lot of them also come from other bloggers who are all competing in the same niche and they’re just leaving comments to build back links.

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Next, you’ll notice that a lot of the same people leave comments on every single post, just because they like to leave comments. And a lot of those commentors are using that blog as a gathering place, like their own little social network.

Most, if not all, of these people will never buy anything from these blogs. It’s nice that they leave comments because it makes your blog look active and exciting for other visitors. However, there’s no reason to be envious of all those comments because they really are not a key indicator of the number of conversions on that blog.

That being said, there are those blogs out there that have an extremely active community. Loyal followers who visit the blog because of the information it provides leave comments on a regular basis and they engage each other in conversations in the comments section. This is the kind of community you want to strive for on your won blog and it’s not the numbers that matter – it’s the quality of the traffic and the conversation.

How do you attract that type of traffic and get those comments?

First, it’s important to understand that it’s a numbers game. Only about 1-5% of your visitors will ever leave comments. So, obviously, if you want more comments you need to focus on extending your reach to increase your traffic.

Next, if you want people to start leaving comments, handle your blog posts like you would a conversation. Ask questions, or end your post with an open ended statement, just like you would if you were talking to a group of friends face-to-face.

I recently ended a blog post without actually answering the question, just to see what would happen. I gave two different viable options for the outcome and then asked my readers what they thought. It was my most-commented on post ever. I even had one reader berate me for “leading him on” and not answering the question and then he went on to give his own opinion, which brought in even more comments.

Reply and become an active participant in the conversation that’s going on there in your comments section. Don’t just thank people for commenting. Make a statement about their comment and tie it to another comment. A good host always helps keep the conversation flowing by including all members.

Treat your blog commentors like you’d treat guests in your home. If you see someone being bullied, delete and block the offensive blogger so everyone knows your blog is a safe environment. Be courteous, polite and professional and never talk down to your commentors or belittle them if they disagree with your opinion. New visitors will be more inclined to leave a comment when they see your blog is safe and happy and they’ll be treated with respect.


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  1. Chasing The Donkey

    Guess which one we are…. :)

    1. Steven

      Give me a hint

  2. Tom Rochford

    I view the blog as a conversation without the voices. You don’t know if I heard or listened to you unless I respond.

    Thus, any civil response to a blog is good since the reader heard something. Communication does not need to be perfect but without it what would be do?


    1. Steven

      Tom, you can always check your analytics to see if people heard you ;)

  3. Claude Nougat

    Excellent advice! I would just add that it takes time before people start commenting -so remember to ask a question at the end of the post, yes, but be also patient! And it also helps to belong to a community of like minded people – maybe on Triberr or elsewhere…

    1. Steven

      It took me almost 2 years to get to this point. Patience and motivation…

  4. Gerry White

    Of course you could say something a bit on the crazy side – comment baiting – “SEO is dead” again or just start an argument,

    One other encouragement is the ability to post using an existing account – nothing annoys me more than captures or some other hoop that I have to jump through!

    1. Steven

      You’re right Gerry, I found that posts which are challenging some commonly accepted ideas usually ignite some very interesting discussions. For example, my post about not checking your emails first thing in the morning, made people react a lot…

  5. Amy

    Excellent points! When I stopped whining about no comments and started figuring out how to get them, I got them. I learned you have to comment on other blogs and respond to their work, then they will respond to yours.

    1. Steven

      That’s a very good advice there, Amy! Thank you.

  6. John Balla

    Hey there @dukeo,

    I have been blogging now for almost 3 years and I wonder the same thing about comments and the lack thereof on my posts. I generally do the things you suggest in terms of asking for feedback, ending with open questions, etc. In spite of that, I get few legitimate comments and lots of smart spam.

    What I get are people clicking on my links and I know there is a fair amount of engagement because my posts are shared – mostly Twitter, Facebook and some Google+. In one case, I had a customer actually pick up the phone, call our company switchboard and got transferred to my desk. She left a long, detailed message asking me to call back (I did of course) – but no written comment.

    So I think many of my readers simply do not want to comment. C’est la vie. But they share and forward my content, so for that I am happy. How about you?

    John Balla

    1. Steven

      It really depend on your industry and the tone of your blog.

      I met a fashion blogger here in Hong Kong who has almost the same traffic numbers as me, but she doesn’t receive a single comment… I think it’s because in some industries, people are following you and they are receiving the information you’re sharing, but there is no need for them to react.

      It’s not necessary a bad thing and I think that wanting comments just for the sake of having them is a mistake.

  7. Johanna Jansen

    Hi Steven,
    I only just started my blog, I got some encouraging comments in the beginning, and now my blog seems to be invaded by trolls and computer generated spam. Some look genuine, and I do want to treat sincere visitors with respect, but I question the entire bunch now! How can you tell a real comment from a troll and what is your approach to this?

    1. Steven

      Hey Johanna, my current setup to limit spam comments is to use a combination of Akismet and G.A.S.P. It will help you get rid of most automated comment spam.

  8. Johanna Jansen

    Thanks for your advice, Steven, I’m gonna try them. It’s just heartbreaking: 180 comments in 2 days and only a handful that at least seem real.

    1. Steven

      Akismet + G.A.S.P. is the key :) You’ll see a drop in comment count, but most of them will be legit.

  9. Johanna Jansen

    Thanks heaps, Steven, it works. And it’s nice an quiet indeed ;-)

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Johanna :)

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