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If you read my other articles, you would know I want to make money, and I want to make money today. I don’t want to wait 7 – 15 years to ‘outlive’ the others online, I don’t want to wait to build a natural audience. I want to do it today. Sure, some of my friends started at the same time I did and have a larger audience than I do, but I’m a late bloomer :)

I am at a point in my (online) career where I have realized that to try harvest a crop on the larger internet is a waste of time. I have started to still have a presence online but lean more towards engaging and assisting people that WANT what I have to offer. I wrote about this before, for me to try and siphon the Dukeo audience would be a great waste of my time – because that endeavor will fail. That is simply because the Dukeo audience has been developed over years of hustling and building it’s own audience.

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What I’m interested in is finding my voice, my niche and my audience. And being a guest like on this great platform is a great way to do that.

Building creative income

I spoke about the things above because borrowing from another ‘s audience sometime becomes necessary if you have skills to build platforms online, but lack the audience or following to create a successful income stream from those projects. That’s where I am today.

So, if you have built a skillset of building things online but cannot make money from it because you don’t have a popular platform where people hang onto your every word, I want to help you. I want to give you a couple solutions on how I took my skillset and built various platforms making money from them without having a large audience.

First, list your skills

Before you attempt something like I am proposing in this article, it’s advisable to first list the skills you have to offer prospective JV partners. And if you realize that you may lack something, you can spruce up your skills before attempting a project like these.

These skills may include some of the following:

  • Making videos: talking heads or screen capture.
  • Web design.
  • Writing great sales copy.
  • Compiling information.
  • etc.

Make a shortlist of potential JV partners

In compiling a shortlist of potential partners, of which I will give you a couple VERY creative ideas for, there are soem characteristics you need to look for for this venture to be s success:

  • They consistently create great content.
  • They have a large network of credible professionals.
  • They have a large fan base.
  • They have great influence over many people.

If you’ve read my other articles, you’ll know that for you to make money without traffic and an audience is leverage. So you want to take some of the characteristics above and leverage their popularity.

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