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Constantly producing fresh content for your web properties can become really tricky if you don’t apply the right techniques to the process. Sure, you can write 20 blog posts to start your blog since you are pumped up with motivation… Then what?

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Here is a list of 12 Ninja Techniques that will allow you to become a highly prolific writer. Implement these ideas for more than 20 days straight and you’ll have a new set of habits to help you in your work!

  1. Dedicated time: The first thing to do is to pick a time-frame (at least 2 hours) that will be 100% dedicated to writing, every day, no matter what. Once you get used to writing every single day at the same time, your mind and body will be shaped to do that. I usually write between 10pm-12am because it’s a distraction-free time.
  2. Dedicated place: When you write in the same place every day, your mind associates the place with creative thinking and will put itself in writing-mode the minute you get to your “writing place”.
  3. The Right Tool: When writing, you will quickly figure that you’ll be more at ease with a set of tool rather than another. I have friends who can only write their content with a pen and paper while I can only produce content with my laptop. (Well, ok, that’s not entirely true, I use the combo pen/paper a lot when brainstorming new ideas).
  4. Cut Out Distraction: I do most of my writing directly inside my WordPress Admin Area, however, I easily get distracted by emails, Facebook, checking stats, … At some point, I know it’s time to disconnect and focus on what needs to be done.
  5. Headline Lists: At all times you should keep either a Notepad file open or a pen/paper to have a list of articles ideas in the form of headlines. I usually write them down as soon as I have the idea throughout the day, and I use the list when I get started with my writing.
  6. Kill People: Well, maybe not for real (or you are heading into legal trouble), but kill the means of communication people can use to reach you. Phone, Msn, Skype, Facebook chat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, … Some people just do not understand how we manage our time when working on the internet and they will just keep bugging you on Msn. Isolate yourself from the crowd and you will gain a lot in focus!
  7. Write or Die: Next time you think to yourself that you have nothing to blog about, just slap yourself in the face! There are plenty of ways to get blog post ideas and you should never run out of ideas!
  8. Turn Off The Lights: Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and sit in silence for 15 minutes while trying to think of nothing. Some ideas will pop into your mind: analyze them, block them and concentrate on nothing again. This kind of meditation is one of the best ways to get your ideas straight. It will allow you to remove the clutter from your mind and focus on the important things.
  9. Ideas First, Grammar Second: Who cares about grammar when they are just putting ideas on paper? No one! When you are just starting to write a blog post, try to write as much as possible, everything that goes through your mind on the subject.
  10. Eye Candy: Once you start working on the structure of the post, it’s time to correct your grammatical errors, make the flow of ideas more coherent and make your posts more appealing to your audience by adding personal style.
  11. Health and Fitness: I know this may sound like I said the F-word to some of you, but let’s be honest. By sitting in front of a computer all day long, bloggers and internet marketers do not have the best conditions to be in good health. However, you should never overlook the necessity of being in good health to be proactive. Make sure you are drinking insane amounts of water. Make sure you do cardio that gets your heart pumping! (You most likely need more physical activity than what you are currently doing… Don’t skip on that or you’ll pay it in the future).
  12. Switch It Up: At some point, even if you followed all the advices I gave you previously, you may face the writer’s block. In that case, the best thing to do is changing the writing time, the writing scenery, and the writing tools.

Now that I gave you

Now that I’ve gone over my writing techniques you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start writing, right? Well, maybe, but I’m afraid if I leave you here, you’re going to not have an idea, and end up slapping yourself all over the place (see number 7 above). This is why I have a post coming up here for Creating the Best Ideas in The Land, so stay tuned and subscribe.

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  1. James

    Some great tips here – thanks for sharing! There’s nothing like being on a tear with writing, so I’ll make sure I keep these 12 tips in mind next time I hit a wall. Cheers!

  2. Mike

    You’re so right about popping out the first 20 or so. After that, you have to start really thinking. I agree whole heartily about setting a certain time to write every day and sticking to it, really helps me. Now I need to focus on number 4. I do tend to find myself wanting to check FB, Twitter and if anyone is visiting my blog. Thanks for the suggetions!

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