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If you visit any of the Internet Marketing forums then you’ve probably seen some discussion about niche blogging lately. Internet marketers have been niche blogging for years, so it’s nothing new, it’s just a different way to make money online.

What Is Niche Blogging?

A niche blogger focuses on a very narrow topic that’s usually centered on a specific product. For example, instead of blogging about lawn care, he might drill down to lawn mowers, and then drill down even further to self-propelled lawn mowers, and then finally drill all the way down to battery operated self-propelled lawn mowers.

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The Cons of Niche Blogging

  1. You’re targeting a much smaller audience when you niche blog. Obviously, there will be more people interested in the entire lawn care topic than there will be people only interested in battery operated self-propelled lawn mowers.
  2. You may have fewer affiliate programs to choose from to monetize your blog. There may also be fewer contextual ads in your niche which means more repeat ads will appear on your site and your click-through rates will eventually be affected by ad blindness.
  3. You may have a problem coming up with enough fresh, unique content.
  4. You’ll also find fewer sites want to link to you simply because your topic is so narrow.

The Pros of Niche Blogging

  1. Fewer readers means you’ll also have less competition because most bloggers want to go after a larger audience base. Because you have less competition, the readers you do attract will be more loyal to your blog.
  2. A niche blog that regularly updated with fresh, quality content is easier for the search engines to identify and index. People searching for your topic in their search engines will have an easier time finding your blog.
  3. While you may have fewer monetization and ad options your click-through rate will be higher – assuming you’re providing high-quality content – because your audience is more targeted than a blog that focuses on a broader topic.
  4. It’s easier to become known as an expert in your niche because you’re focused on one narrow topic. While you may have fewer incoming links than a larger blog, you may end up with all the relevant blogs in your niche linking to you, not just a small percentage like you would with a larger blog.
  5. It’s easier to engage your audience with a niche blog. You already know exactly what they’re looking for. As long as you’re meeting their needs and providing useful information they’ll keep coming back for more because you’re one of the few quality sources of information on the Web.
  6. You don’t need to post as frequently. Instead of posting three or four times a day you can get by with three or four times a week. Remember, you have less competition. With a niche blog it’s more about consistency and high-quality content.
  7. You have more opportunities to find a topic with low competition.

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