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It’s hard to imagine a world before Twitter and Facebook, but believe it or not there are still plenty of social media sites out there that were around long before these two became so popular.

Your mission today is to explore a new social media site.

Why Should You Pay Attention To Social Media Sites?

Every day billions of people come to the Internet and they all gather into little social groups. Nobody just surfs the web any more, and even if they did the chances that they’d just trip over your blog are slim to none. A new blog enters the blogosphere every second of every day.

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As these billions of people are chatting in their social groups, they’re exchanging ideas, asking questions, solving problems, sharing links and making recommendations. And because the people they’re conversing with are “friends” there’s already a higher level of trust. So when Jane tells Sally to click this link and read this blog post, Sally is likely to do just that.

Now, you might already have a Facebook page and you think that should be enough, but there are billions of people who don’t have a Facebook page and will probably never set one up. These people belong to smaller networks which may be even more effective than Facebook.

For example, let’s say you’re blogging in the World of Warcraft niche. The average user age on Facebook it 35 to 45 years old. But gamers are typically 18 to 25 and they hang out at MySpace and Reddit. If you’re only promoting your blog on Facebook you’re wasting a lot of time and missing a lot of traffic.

Reasons To Join A Social Media Site


It only takes one person sharing your link for it to go viral and spread all over the Web. While that won’t happen every time, you will get more traffic when readers share your content in their social sites.


Increase your market reach by participating in social networks. The more online profiles you have the more people see you and come to recognize your name and your brand.

Reader Relationships

Sometimes readers who’ve never left a comment on your blog connect with you on Facebook and Twitter and talk to you like they’ve known you forever. Some of your readers may just feel more comfortable in their social settings.

Content Ideas

When I’m at a loss for post ideas I just go to my social media sites and see what everyone’s talking about that day. It’s also a great way to find out what questions or needs your readers have.

So today, your homework is to explore a new social media site. I’m making no recommendations because you know your readers better than I do. But stop back here and let us know what you learned. I’ve been meaning to check out a couple of new sites myself but I’m going to wait to hear your recommendations.


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  1. Chris

    I agree with your post. It’s important to find new opportunities by exploring new social media websites. The big websites in the space (such as Facebook and Twitter) take so much room that we easily forget that there are many other websites out there…

  2. Liz

    Hey who wouldn’t like the extra traffic to their blog :D

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. While reading it, I had one of the “ah ha” moments.

    I see so many ways to get some new traffic and grow my audience right now. I’m getting to it just after posting this comment :)

  3. Arindam Dutta

    Your information is really good and interesting. Social media optimization is all about exposing your website on social media channels like facebook twitter; it helps you in building good social media reputation which is considered by Google while ranking your website in search results.

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