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One of the signs a blogger is letting his blog go is a change in attitude. His normally light, breezy content starts to turn negative. He doesn’t like this and he rants about that, and he has nothing good to say about anything anymore. He sounds like he doesn’t even like blogging anymore. He’s like that grumpy neighbor everyone wants to avoid.

Now, before you start shaking your head, there are times when negativity on your blog is a good thing.

Expressing your opinion: Readers turn to bloggers for opinions. If they wanted straight news they’d go to the news websites. So, if you have a negative opinion to express, do it. Just make sure you can handle the heat.

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If it’s part of your persona: Some bloggers have carved out their own unique niche because of their negative voice. They’re like comedians who use negativity. They know they’re not going to appeal to everyone, but they will appeal to a certain segment of the market and that’s all they need.

If it’s part of your strategy: There are lots of successful blogs that focus on busting myths or revealing conspiracies and they appear to be negative because they’re generally not on the popular side of the argument.

How Do You Know You’re Becoming A Negative Blogger?

The key word is “becoming.” Negativity is an indication that there’s something wrong when a blogger who starts off with a positive, warm and welcoming blog gradually becomes negative. Eventually this negativity will drive away those readers who were originally attracted to the blog because it was positive.

What Causes Negativity?

It worked… once: If your blog is normally positive and informational, a negative post or rant every now and then will probably attract a lot of attention just because it’s novel and it’s exciting. And that’s fine. It’s a good thing to give your readers some variety and show them that you’re human. But remember – that’s not why they’re following your blog.

Frustration: I know I’ve had days where I’m frustrated with some aspect of my business and I just don’t feel like blogging at all. Everything I write comes out negative. On days like that it’s best to just forget about writing and address whatever it is that’s causing the frustration head on.

Anger: Anger can affect everything in your life. If you’re angry over something in your personal life, it can affect your blog. If you’re angry over a comment someone left it can affect your blog. Again, I don’t even try to write when I’m angry about something. It’s best to address the reason for the anger and get over it, first.

Loss of focus: Continual negativity that takes over your blog can be cause by a lack of focus. Like so many of the other signs that you’re letting your blog go, the best thing to do is sit down and re-visit your blogging goals. What is it that you want to achieve, and will this negative direction you’re taking help bring you closer to your goals?

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  1. Sue Neal

    Hi Steven,

    I think it’s fine to have the odd rant – it can be very stimulating and entertaining, and if other people can relate to the way you feel about something, it can make them feel better too.

    But I think you have to be careful that you’re not just sounding off and being insensitive – and also recognise and acknowledge that other people might have a different point of view. I think you have to be approachable and make people feel they’re free to disagree with you without having their heads bitten off or making them feel small.

    I’ve read some ‘negative’, ranting posts that have just come across as incredibly patronizing and arrogant – that’s not the kind of tone that’s going to draw people to your blog.

    Great subject, by the way – thought-provoking – thanks :)


  2. Jane

    Steven, I recently encountered this very thing in two blogs I had followed for a long time. The change seemed to surface after each blogger reached a greater measure of success. I actually felt put off and judged these bloggers to be feeling rather above their audience. After reading your post, I can see that perhaps the bloggers have had a major change in focus.Hope they happen upon this post as well!

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Steven,

    I prefer to high vibe it; or I feel down (which is rare these days) I take a break to do something which lifts my spirits. I enjoy blogging most of the time so why let a few minutes of agitation bring down my readers?

    Good points! Thanks for sharing :)


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