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All the guides tell you that if you do this you’ll get more traffic and if you do that you’ll get more traffic. So you spend hours every day beating the bushes for… more traffic. But what those guides don’t tell you is that eventually your blog or website is going to reach its natural traffic limit. Eventually, no matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to get any more traffic. Surprised? Don’t worry. It makes perfect sense. Let’s take a look.

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What is Natural Traffic?

First, let’s define natural traffic. This is the traffic that comes to your blog every day, rain or shine, no matter what’s going on. Each niche is different, and so is each blog. Your traffic may occasionally have a big spike if something newsworthy happens or if you create some incredible piece of content that goes viral. But, generally speaking, your natural traffic numbers remain pretty steady.

Why is there a Natural Traffic Limit?

When you do your keyword research using Google Adwords you’ll see how many searches are conducted per month for each keyword. For example, there may be 10,000 searches per month for the keyword “green tea” and another 12,000 searches per month for the keyword “earl grey tea.” In total, 22,000 people conduct searches using these two keywords each month.

Assuming you’re the only blogger in the world using those two keywords, and those are the only two keywords on your blog, you can realistically only expect 22,000 visits per month.

Naturally, as you add more keywords to your blog, the number of average searches increases and your potential traffic also increases. Of course, it’s affected by other factors like how many other blogs and websites are competing for those keywords and how much traffic they’re pulling in.

Every blog and every niche has a different natural traffic limit. You may choose to have a broad base of categories, focusing on thousands of keywords which would allow you to potentially attract millions of visitors each month. While, on the other hand, another blogger in the same niche might decide to focus on only one category, such as “earl grey tea” because he’s trying to promote a specific brand of earl grey tea to a smaller, targeted market.

Why Is Your Natural Traffic Limit Important?

It’s important to understand that eventually your blog is going to hit its natural traffic limit so you can move on to other things. The timing varies from blog to blog. It might be six months from now, it might be two years. But it’s eventually going to happen.

It’s also important to know when you’ve reached that peak. If you stop focusing on traffic generation too soon, you’ll miss a lot of business. Keep beating a dead horse, though, and you’re missing business you could be generating if you weren’t so focused on getting more traffic. Now it’s time to focus on other methods for increasing your business, such as adding a new category to expand your blog or creating your own unique products that will give you an edge over your competitors.

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