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I think you’ll agree that in any industry, even Internet Marketing, the more people you know the better your chances for success. Not so much because all of those people will become potential customers. Donald Trump doesn’t go to big wig dinner parties because he thinks everyone there might buy a house. He goes because the connections he makes there can help him gain a better, more visible position in the marketplace. While Trump worries about selling houses, here’s how you can become the most connected person online.

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become the most connected person online

Be a joiner: If you’re waiting for people to track you down and invite you to join their group you’re in for a long wait. Think of the Internet as one big dinner party with a lot of little rooms. There’s a room for Facebook and Twitter, a room for LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, and there’s a room for every forum and chat room on the Internet. Nobody is going to reach out a drag you into any of those rooms. They’ll welcome you once you’re in. But you have to enter the room first.

Be relevant: Once you enter one of the parties you have to look and listen before you start speaking. What’s the topic of conversation? Chances are, nobody in that room is hoping you have something to sell. If you want to meet people online then you have to behave like you would at a dinner party. You wouldn’t enter the room, walk up to the first person you see and start giving them your sales pitch. You’d start a regular conversation, get to know people, and join in the conversation.

Be humble: Nobody likes a bragger or a name dropper. Including a shopping list of accomplishments as long as your arm on your profiles just makes you look like a creep. Instead, use your profiles to tell people about some of your personality characteristics. People don’t like you for your accomplishments. They like you for your personality.

Be personable: If you want to attract more people on the Internet then you have to act like a real person. Show an interest in other people and they’ll show an interest in you. The great thing about the Internet is that you can carry on more than one conversation at a time and each person thinks you’re only talking to them. So do that. Talk to individuals, not whole groups. Give people personal attention and you’ll make them feel important. You also have Time on your side. You don’t have to blurt out the first words that enter your head.

Don’t be a whiner: Everybody hates a whiner. Even whiners hate whiners. So don’t be a whiner! Don’t be that person in the forum who’s always complaining about the forum. Complaining and whining can come back to bite you in the butt, too. Remember that time you were grumbling about so-and-so and telling everyone in the forum how poorly you were treated? Guess who owns the forum you’re grumbling on. Yeah, you can forget about making that connection, too.

Reach out: If there’s someone you want to meet, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Some of those top bloggers can seem pretty intimidating but they’re real people, too. Be polite, introduce yourself, and talk to them with respect, but don’t fall all over yourself. They’re people, not gods.

Wait before you ask for help: You want to be the most connected person online because you know a lot of those people at the party can help you with business advice. But don’t just step right up and start begging for help. Get to know them first. How would you feel if you were just introduced to someone and before you even hear their full name they started asking you to help them with a problem? There goes that connection! Get to know them as a person first and when the time comes they’ll remember who you are.

Ask your mutual friends to introduce you: Meeting people online is just like meeting them face-to-face. If there’s someone you want to meet it always helps to have a mutual friend introduce you and help break the ice. And you’d be surprised who knows who on the Internet. When you start making those online connections you’ll find out just how closely we’re all related now. It used to be that we were all only 6 people away from knowing everybody on the planet. Now, that number has dwindled to something like 3 or 4. And once you become one of the most connected people online that number will be even smaller.


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    Your tips are good not only for the Internet Marketing and social media area, but also for every day use in interaction with your family, colleges and friends!

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