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More Comments: 7 Tactics to Entice Your Readers to Interact More

It happens to all of us.

You put your entire heart and soul into writing the best blog post ever and nobody leaves a single comment.

You know people are reading because you can see it in your analytics, so what’s up?

Why aren’t they standing in line to leave comments?

Maybe it’s because you’re doing all the work for them.

Here are seven ways to turn a blog post upside down and get more comments.

Don’t End The Argument, Start It: Controversial blog posts often generate more comments than any other type of post you can write. But typically the blogger states both sides of the story and then wraps up with his stance. Instead, just give your readers both sides of the story and tell them to argue amongst themselves in the comments.

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Ask For Help: If you’re always answering questions for your readers then they think you know everything there is to know about your topic. Even if you do, make them feel wanted and needed. Ask your readers for help or advice about something relevant to all your readers.

Ask For Tips: Tell your readers you’re working up a comprehensive Tips post and ask everyone to submit their favorite tip for inclusion.

Ask For Links: Ask your readers to submit links to their favorite post about XYZ topic, no matter whose blog it’s on.

Ask For Personal Stories: Ask your readers to tell you how it turned out when they followed your How-To post or ask them to share a personal experience that’s relevant to your topic.

Offer An Opportunity For Self-Promotion: Ask your readers to link to a relevant post on their own blog. Better yet, have them write a new post about a specific topic that just happens to mention your blog. Then, have them leave the links in your comments for everybody to read and share.

Survey Your Readers: Most polls and surveys go unnoticed in the sidebar but turn it into a blog post and ask your readers to leave their answers in the comments and you’ll get a lot more response.

Turning your blog posts upside down and encouraging your readers to comment has three benefits:

First, it gives your readers a feeling of ownership, which leads to increased loyalty. They’re actually being asked to contribute something important to your blog.

Second, it makes your readers feel needed, which also leads to increased loyalty. When you ask for help you’re letting your readers see you’re just as human as they are.

And third, it makes your blog stickier. All that activity in the comments makes your blog look more attractive and interesting to new readers who’ve just landed on your blog.

So go ahead. Turn a post upside down and see if you get more comments. Then stop back here and tell us about your results.


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  1. Angela Minelli

    I will definitely try a few of your suggestions in my next post. I know what it feels like to “pour my heart and soul” into writing one and get no feedback. Your post is very timely for me – thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi Angela. I think every blogger knows this feeling. At some point, we have all written amazing posts and received zero feedback about them. It’s important to not get discouraged and always improve to hook your readers.

  2. Michael Beckett (@mike_beckett)

    Critiquing your post by your own standards I think your missing an arguemental hook as you’ve wrapped it up offering the solutions, this is just my opinion you could always open a poll on this though!

    1. Steven

      Michael, I think you missed one point: it’s not about putting all of these into each and every one of your posts.

      You’ll just end up confusing your readers by trying to wrap up too many things into a single post.

    2. Michael Beckett (@mike_beckett)

      You almost managed to wrap them all up in the post though…

      I guess varying the post mix is important otherwise you’ll risk appearing formulaic or as you suggest overloading and off-putting readers.

  3. Zeus

    Thanks for the info. I’ve noticed that sometimes when you write a controversial post people will flock to it like flies but be very reluctant to leave comments. I love to write and do have a tendency to leave a lot of entertaining but useful information. Sometimes the information is too helpful and answers people’s questions so well they have nothing left to say. Leaving my post with no comments. This doesn’t bother me as long as my readers get the help they seek because they do come first but will still work on incorporating your tips into my posts in order to improve them. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Zeus, controversy is extremely tricky and you’ve got to handle it with care. Just a little misstep and it can blow back into your face.

      I think the topic of blog comments in very interesting, however you should never forget your real goal.

      Do you want to engage into an ego-war with other bloggers to see who’s receiving the most comments, or do you simply want to provide useful information for your readers?

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