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Monthly Income Report May 2019: $508.21

It’s time for a quick recap of May!

One more month in the books for 2019, and to my surprise, it’s a month with a profit.

I’ll be the first to admit that this 3-figures profit is nothing to brag about, but it still feels good to have some positive months, especially when I know that there are a few expensive months coming soon.

My main focus for May was WS5, the website I started in January / February this year.

Let’s get started with this monthly income report, shall we?

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Before I get into more details regarding WS5, I would like to document my progress with WS4.

One big achievement is that May 2019 was the month with the highest traffic since I started this website. That was only 3,357 visitors, but since this project has a very high RPM (revenue per thousand visitors), I’m still very happy about these results.

Jun 1826722.10%5916.95%10$41.59$155.77$0.70$4.16
Jul 1831132.15%10010.00%10$139.20$447.59$1.39$13.92
Aug 1848137.42%18012.78%23$123.79$257.36$0.69$5.38
Sep 1865838.91%25614.45%37$107.55$163.45$0.42$2.91
Oct 181,20538.92%46913.22%62$313.71$260.34$0.67$5.06
Nov 182,86545.41%1,30116.14%210$737.69$257.48$0.57$3.51
Dec 182,97741.85%1,24621.11%263$619.94$208.24$0.50$2.36
Jan 191,92336.56%7039.82%69$377.72$196.42$0.54$5.47
Feb 191,53237.66%57711.27%65$210.90$137.66$0.37$3.24
Mar 192,25233.30%75011.07%83$419.31$186.19$0.56$5.05
Apr 192,31930.36%70410.65%75$256.16$110.46$0.36$3.42
May 193,35731.99%1,07416.29%175$588.67$175.36$0.55$3.36

Another interesting thing to note is that this website’s visibility on Google sharply increased during this past month.

In May, this website had 476,335 impressions on Google. These impressions resulted in 1,595 clicks, which means an average click-through rate of 0.33%. The average position in Google results pages was 44.

The following chart shows the cumulated revenue and expenses to date for each month. Additionally, it shows the current website value as well as the return on investment before and after selling the website (if I decide to sell it).

From the start of this project until the end of last month, this website generated $3,955.97 in revenue. I spent $16,916.10 since this website’s inception, which means a net loss of $12,960.13. In other words, that’s a 77% loss so far.

However, by using a conservative 25x multiplier on the average revenue of the past 3 months, we can calculate this website value: $10,534.50. By selling this website, I would make a small loss of $2,425.63. That would be a 14% loss on my investment.

Of course, I’m still years away from a potential sale for this website, but I’m keeping track of these numbers to know the trend, as well as the evolution month after month.


WS5 is where I focused most of my efforts for this past month. The website generated only a few hundred pageviews, but considering that it’s less than 6 months old, that’s nothing to worry about.

I’ve build a custom WordPress theme for this website that I made specifically with speed and on-page SEO in mind. The theme is lightning fast and is built to allow me to deploy it and adjust it to any new niche website in the future in just a few clicks.

Now that the theme is fully-tweaked, I’m just going to let this website sit on a shelf while it gains visibility on Google and it gains some rankings in SERPs.


On a different subject, here is a list of the 10 most popular articles from this blog during last month:

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  2. entrepreneurship is living a few years…
  3. how to make money by generating online leads for companies
  4. how to make money online creating an home inbound call center
  5. Shopify partner program
  6. how to make money online building your own custom search engine
  7. how to make money online with arbitrage
  8. Travel Payouts review
  9. how to make money with an online local business directory
  10. how to make money building your own online forum community

What about the money?

Here is a breakdown of the money flow for my various projects.

To make this report easier to understand, I’m using a simple color code: green numbers are positive, red numbers are negative.

Please keep in mind that these figures may not be 100% accurate due to various factors such as refund requests and network adjustments. The terms for each payment may also vary. As a result, these numbers may differ from the actual payments issued and received.

Niche Sites$452.49▼ $1.79
Amazon$438.07▼ $7.75
Adsense$14.42▲ $5.96
Ecommerce$190.86▲ $16.01
Other$302.05▲ $161.91
Sales$206.16▼ $184.16
Cost of Goods-$45.39▲ $28.96
Customer Service-$18.00-/-
Payment Fees-$8.10▲ $9.30
Freelance$75.00▼ $374.92
Dukeo$66.11▼ $342.74
Sponsored Posts$50.00▼ $275.00
Adsense$16.11▼ $2.74
WS4-$4.33▼ $260.49
Amazon$588.67▲ $332.51
Misc-$271.92▼ $0.66
LiquidWeb-$122.92▼ $0.66
Income$1,690.48▼ $409.19
Expenses-$1,182.27▼ $555.40
Earnings$508.21▼ $964.59

When all is said and done, May was a decent month.

Of course I’m nowhere near where I need to be to sustain my online projects long-term, but I’ll take a profitable month over a losing one every time, no matter how small the profit.

Second green month in a row, and it feels good!

What’s happening next?

There is a high probability that starting next month I’ll be on a losing streak again. This is all part of my plan to get a banging end of the year for 2019.

If I want to kill it during the holiday season, I actually need to start planning soon.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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