Monthly Income Report February 2019: -$2,108.77

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Monthly Income Report February 2019: -$2,108.77

It’s time for a quick recap of February!

February is a short month, and that means fewer days to generate money.

When you think about it, going from January with 31 days to February with 28 days means 10% fewer days to make money.

January and February have always been slow months for my online businesses so I didn’t expect too much from this past month.

I didn’t make any major change to my overall strategy in February, but my expenses increased significantly because of my website WS2.

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More about that below, but first things first: e-commerce.


With one of my stores closed, my expenses got slashed in half and my remaining store managed to generate $182.47 in profit.

I’m still experimenting with a new income source for that store, in parallel with traditional sales.

While encouraging, the results are still not good enough to share the whole strategy with you.

I’ll talk more about this next month.

WS1 Website (Launched 2013)

WS1 results are quite unstable from one month to the next.

As you know, I am not doing any work on this website anymore. I can’t even remember the last time I logged into the site.

With that being said, it still generated $172.90 in revenue with zero work…

Mar 183,8429.11%3504.86%17$80.75$21.02$0.23$4.75
Apr 185,3509.89%5295.48%29$95.67$17.88$0.18$3.30
May 188,9079.00%8025.74%46$174.15$19.55$0.22$3.79
Jun 187,0809.04%64010.31%66$267.68$37.81$0.42$4.06
Jul 185,3988.63%4669.66%45$178.08$32.99$0.38$3.96
Aug 185,51010.25%5657.43%42$175.03$31.77$0.31$4.17
Sep 185,63914.84%8374.42%37$196.57$34.86$0.23$5.31
Oct 184,99717.79%8895.17%46$139.36$27.89$0.16$3.03
Nov 185,10218.86%9626.13%59$348.59$68.32$0.36$5.91
Dec 183,25015.23%4959.90%49$75.94$23.37$0.15$1.55
Jan 194,97919.08%9505.58%53$254.78$51.17$0.27$4.81
Feb 193,92321.46%8425.94%50$172.90$44.07$0.21$3.46

Even though the overall traffic decreased compared to January, you can see in the table above that the CTR (visit to click) increased and reached 21.46%. For every 100 people visiting this website, almost 22 clicked to Amazon.

I can’t wait to see how this website will perform during Spring when it’s the “hot” season for this particular niche.

WS2 Website (Launched 2015)

As I was explaining in last month report, I have decided to revamp some of the content for this particular website and get some new articles written.

I had to pay for these new articles this month, and that increased significantly my expenses. But if things go as planned, I should see a major traffic increase in the next 6-8 months.

Now that I have my new funnel in place, the website is a lot more efficient at capturing email list subscribers.

I am still waiting to see how it performs during a full month before I share all the numbers with you.

WS3 Website (Launched 2015)

From bad, to worse, to worst.

At this point, this website is practically dead. There were barely over 500 visitors on the entire website in February, and that resulted in $2.30 in affiliate commissions. Yikes…

Mar 182,67515.74%42111.64%49$105.90$39.59$0.25$2.16
Apr 182,87412.53%36016.67%60$77.15$26.84$0.21$1.29
May 182,81111.63%32714.68%48$38.79$13.80$0.12$0.81
Jun 183,1988.19%26213.36%35$84.52$26.43$0.32$2.41
Jul 183,7024.38%16213.58%22$23.58$6.37$0.15$1.07
Aug 183,55822.71%80813.00%105$149.59$42.04$0.19$1.42
Sep 181,25022.72%28419.01%54$140.81$112.65$0.50$2.61
Oct 1853618.84%10110.89%11$26.69$49.79$0.26$2.43
Nov 1883118.89%15714.01%22$25.07$30.17$0.16$1.14
Dec 1865321.13%13811.59%16$16.74$25.64$0.12$1.05
Jan 1960916.09%989.18%9$15.28$25.09$0.16$1.70
Feb 1951923.12%1202.50%3$2.30$4.43$0.02$0.77

While the click-through rate was over 23% in February, sales were ridiculously low.

There is a simple explanation for this situation: traffic, or to be exact, the lack of traffic.

Since making major changes in August, traffic (that was already bad at that time) went down even more.

I’m keeping this website online since it’s not costing me anything more, but I have no hope for it anymore.

WS4 Website (Launched 2018)

WS4 is still going through the post-Christmas blues: traffic went down, and revenue went down.

However, this should be the end of the downtrend. My affiliate websites generally start picking up traffic in March again as it is a longer month, and Summer is coming.

Mar 184714.89%70.00%00$0.00$0.00
Apr 188727.59%248.33%2$19.66$225.98$0.82$9.83
May 1814918.79%283.57%1$0.08$0.54$0.00$0.08
Jun 1826722.10%5916.95%10$41.59$155.77$0.70$4.16
Jul 1831132.15%10010.00%10$139.20$447.59$1.39$13.92
Aug 1848137.42%18012.78%23$123.79$257.36$0.69$5.38
Sep 1865838.91%25614.45%37$107.55$163.45$0.42$2.91
Oct 181,20538.92%46913.22%62$313.71$260.34$0.67$5.06
Nov 182,86545.41%1,30116.14%210$737.69$257.48$0.57$3.51
Dec 182,97741.85%1,24621.11%263$619.94$208.24$0.50$2.36
Jan 191,92336.56%7039.82%69$377.72$196.42$0.54$5.47
Feb 191,53237.66%57711.27%65$210.90$137.66$0.37$3.24

While traffic was down, the CTR was still stable in the 35-45% range. Also, you can see that the percentage of people hitting Amazon and making a purchase went up from 9.82% in January to 11.27% in February. Now that’s a good sign!

RPM was at it’s lowest since June 2018… WS4 generated “only” $137.66 for every 1,000 visitors to the website.

I am putting only between quotes there because while it is a bad number for this particular website, affiliate website focusing primarily on Amazon usually generate about $40.00 per 1,000 visitors.

While the overall visibility of this website on Google decreased in February, I’m not too worried. As I explained in the opening of this report, this is a short month, so anything less than 10% drop is irrelevant.

In February, this website had over 125k impressions on Google. These impressions resulted in roughly 750 clicks, which means an average click-through rate of 0.60%. The average position in Google results pages was 48.

The following chart shows the cumulated revenue and expenses to date for each month. Additionally, it shows the current website value as well as the return on investment before and after selling the website (if I decide to sell it).

From the start of this project until the end of last month, this website generated $2,691.83 in revenue. I spent $15,243.10 since this website’s inception, which means a net loss of $12,551.27. In other words, that’s an 82% loss so far.

However, by using a conservative 25x multiplier on the average revenue of the past 3 months, we can calculate this website value: $10,071.33. By selling this website, I would make a small loss of $2,479.94. That would be a 16% loss on my investment.

Of course, I’m still years away from a potential sale for this website, but I’m keeping track of these numbers to know the trend, as well as the evolution month after month.


Before we get into the numbers, I want to say a few words about this blog.

Since December, I’ve started to accept sponsored blog posts on Dukeo.

Rest assured that I am very picky when it comes to the quality and usefulness of the articles I publish on this website.

While I receive requests almost daily to publish content on this blog, I handpick only a few articles per month that I think will provide genuine value to you as a reader.

With that being said, I intend to keep posting some sponsored articles when I receive requests to publish quality content.

On a different subject, here is a list of the 10 most popular articles from this blog during last month:

  1. how to make money online generating leads for local real estate agents
  2. entrepreneurship is living a few years…
  3. how to make money online creating an home inbound call center
  4. how to make money online with arbitrage
  5. Shopify partner program
  6. how to make money online building your own custom search engine
  7. satellite sites
  8. how to make money with an online local business directory
  9. how to make money by generating online leads for companies
  10. how to make money building your own online forum community

What about the money?

Here is a breakdown of the money flow for my various projects.

To make this report easier to understand, I’m using a simple color code: green numbers are positive, red numbers are negative.

Please keep in mind that these figures may not be 100% accurate due to various factors such as refund requests and network adjustments. The terms for each payment may also vary. As a result, these numbers may differ from the actual payments issued and received.

Ecommerce$182.47▼ $94.49
Other$259.81▼ $80.00
Sales$252.07▼ $303.99
Shopify-$123.86▲ $54.52
MailChimp-$75.00▲ $75.00
Cost of Goods-$50.23▲ $85.84
Customer Service-$18.00-/-
Payment Fees-$15.32▲ $14.19
Dukeo$50.00▼ $65.00
Sponsored Posts$50.00-/-
Misc-$149.00▲ $24.38
Aweber-$149.00▼ $80.00
Other Sites-$1,011.14▼ $1,291.18
Amazon$174.68▼ $94.51
Adsense$14.18▲ $3.33
WS4-$1,181.10▲ $104.22
Amazon$210.90▼ $166.82
Content-$1,392.00▲ $271.04
Income$961.64▼ $706.99
Expenses-$3,070.41▼ $615.08
Earnings-$2,108.77▼ $1,322.07

The most significant change in February was the increase in expenses to produce content for WS2. This expense will be gone next month, so my numbers should get back in their “normal” range.

As I see this chart filled with red bars, I think it’s going to be time to make some changes to my overall content strategy.

I can’t keep spending this kind of money on content for WS4 each month without seeing a better return on my investment.

What’s happening next?

With Spring around the corner, I am confident things are going to get better for most of my websites.

I am targeting a number of products that are mostly sold during Spring and Summer, so revenue should increase significantly.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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