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Money List: How to Build Your Mailing List and Make Money From It

No matter how many times you hear it, it will never be enough. Nothing is as vital to your success as a strong and viable mailing list. This means that much of the focus on your website should be on having people subscribe to that list. If it isn’t, then you aren’t going to build it up and you will never have the success that was possible. But how do you build the list and make money? Simply put, you have to convince people to sign up and then use the list as a marketing tool.

Convincing people to sign may sound simple, but not everyone is set on receiving more email. You can begin by redirecting them to a page that offers the ability to subscribe, but what incentive do they have to do it? This redirect does remind them that the option is there and those that truly want to sign up will. However, there will be those that wonder why they should agree to have email sent to them when they can simply visit your site as they want to. The truth is, they are likely to forget your site and never make the purchase they might still make.

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So it is on your shoulders to give them a reason to subscribe. Most people do this by offering something free in exchange for the subscription. It can be as simple as more information or as complex as a free ebook. If it is in regards to something they are already interested in then they are likely to take advantage of it. They will sign up which increases your list and you will send them their free item which makes them happy. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Once you have that list it is important to use it. Your first goal is to create a stellar email campaign. You may wonder about what to say, but chances are you have already said it multiple times. Rather than sit and think up something new, pay a visit to your site and look for answers. What questions would your customers have? How can you answer them? Put it into the form of a letter and you have an email ready. Do the same for several more letters and you have your first email campaign.

The list should be used for more than the campaign. It should also be taken advantage of for follow-up with potential and current customers. This gives you a chance to contact those that have either purchased or are considering it. You will be able to talk with them about their decision and help guide them as they need it. The right software can make this entire process automated and all you will have to do is create the first copy and then set up a schedule. Once you have built up your email list and sent your first campaign, you will likely have the income starting to flow. If you continue with the process you will begin to see your site gain profitability.


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