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You’re pulling in more and more traffic every day but your sales are still in a slump. What are you doing wrong? Some might say it’s because you’re not targeting your traffic, but you are, and that won’t account for all the leaks anyway. Maybe you’re just not monetizing your blog to it’s full potential.

A few years ago a popular blogging program recommended that you build your blog around one single affiliate product. It also advised that you publish a new blog post every day because most users will have to read your blog at least seven times before they’ll make a decision to buy – which still holds true today.

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So what you have is, potentially hundreds of people visiting your blog each day and only a small percentage will buy that single product you’re promoting. What about all those other people? There should be some way you can make money from that traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, promoting one single product is fine. But no matter how tightly you target your audience you’re going to have people who leave without buying. These people came to your blog looking for information because they’re still thinking about buying. If they found it, they’ll be back. So, no worries.

Put Google AdSense On Your Blog

Here’s the thing: If they leave your blog without buying then that means they still want more information before they decide. Put Google AdSense on your blog and they’ll have a relevant link they can click that will take them to more information, and you’ll earn money every time they click.

The drawback is, these people will be leaving your blog. But they were going to leave anyway, so you might as well make some money when they do. Monitor your traffic stats and create content to fill those information voids and you’ll pick up more sales. In the meantime, you’ll be earning money with AdSense.

Create Your Own Products

Many people assume that creating a product means cranking out a 250-page ebook, and they get scared. But, you can create any length you like and as long as it’s packed with unique, informative content, it will sell. Monetize small segments of traffic with small ebooks.

For example, if you have a blog about dog training and you’re promoting a high-commission video series, you could create a small guide on how to housebreak your puppy to monetize some of that traffic that’s only looking for information. Then create another small guide on recipes for homemade dog food, and another for homemade dog biscuits. Each of these ebooks might be only 10 or 15 pages long and if they’re well-written they might sell for $5 or $7.

Build A List

Adding a lot of additional products to your blog means you also need to add a lot of additional content, and that means a lot more work. Instead, start building a list. Offer your visitors some type of valuable free guide to get them to join and then you can market those side products directly to your list. Of course, you’ll also want to send them plenty of valuable content – not just your marketing emails. But you’ll be monetizing that segment of information-seekers.

Once you start getting enough traffic that you can analyze it and see where it’s coming from and where it’s going, it’s easy to see where your leaks are to help improve your conversions for your main product. In the meantime, look at using other methods or products, too, so you can monetize your blog to its full potential.

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