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Let me start by saying that I firmly believe any niche can be profitable if you’re creative and you understand Internet marketing techniques. That said, some niches are easier than others, and some are more profitable than others if your not quite the creative or experienced sort. Let’s take a look at some of the principles of choosing a profitable blog topic, assuming you’re starting from scratch.

The Popularity Of The Topic

One of the most important requirements for any successful business is a market for your product. In this case, your product is your blog. While it’s not necessary to choose a topic that billions of people might be interested in, obviously the more interest there is, the more readers you’ll be able to attract.

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The Number Of Quality Competitors

Take a quick look at just about any niche and you’ll see there’s probably quite a lot of competition. However, it might not be as tough as it looks. Sometimes the highest ranking sites have very poor quality content that you can easily compete against.

You can also help your chances by choosing a narrower niche. For example, instead of blogging about all dogs, you can narrow it down to a specific breed. You may have fewer searches but you’ll probably also have a lot less competition.

Available Revenue Streams

There have been entire books written on this topic so I’ll try to keep this brief. And remember, we’re assuming you’re starting from scratch here, with no blogging or marketing experience.

Before you choose a niche you need to make sure there’s some way you can monetize your blog. If nothing else, you can always use Google AdSense but you should be aware that some niches are more profitable than others. You’ll want to research click rates before you decide.

You can also use affiliate links to promote products or services. In most cases you’ll be required to have an existing blog so the advertisers can see you’re serious. However, you can also check out Clickbank for digital products and they allow automatic registration.

You also have the option of selling ad space directly to sponsors or advertisers. Keep in mind that they’ll be looking for an established blog with steady traffic.

Plenty Of Content

Do some research to make sure you’re going to have plenty of content ideas. For example, I once helped a friend set up a blog about autoclaves. After about three months we literally ran out of ideas for blog content. Had we done a little more research we probably could have covered about three more months, but a blog needs a steady stream of fresh, new, unique content – forever.

Your Own Level Of Interest

If you plan to make money with your blog then you’re going to be writing and researching content for a very long time. For the first two or three years you will be living and breathing this topic. Is it something that will hold your interest indefinitely? Because if it won’t, you’ll burn out quickly and you won’t be committed to doing all the necessary work to make this blog profitable.

It’s important to note that no single principle stands alone in its importance. For example, you might find a highly-searched niche with very little competition but if it’s not something you want to blog about for forever, or you don’t think you’ll be able to find enough things to write about, then it’s not the niche for you. When choosing a profitable blog topic you need to look at the big picture.

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