Modern Traffic Strategies 4 Ways To Beat The Panda And The Penguin

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After Google unleashed the Panda and Penguin updates there was a lot of talk about bloggers who did this wrong and bloggers who did that wrong and that’s why they lost their index position. But there was one big mistake all of those bloggers had in common and it’s the easiest one to correct: They put all of their eggs in one basket.

There were thousands of blogs all over the Web that were affected by those updates. Most were able to weather the storm and came out fine on the other side, but the sites with the most drastic losses were those who focused all of their efforts on developing search engine traffic. Regardless of how they achieved their Google ranking and whether it was legal or not, their main source of traffic was Google.

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What these blog owners should have done was develop multiple traffic sources. Everybody knows you never put all of your eggs in one basket. Here are four simple traffic strategies you can use to develop multiple traffic sources for your own blog.

Social Media Sharing

If you think social media marketing is a waste of time then you’re probably doing it wrong, but that’s fodder for another post. The most effective sites include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Join at least two today and start making connections and sharing your content.

Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your posts and pages, make sure they’re prominently displayed, and make sure they work. Include a strong call to action at the end of your posts inviting your readers to share you content with their friends.

There’s also something to be said for social media and your blog’s SEO. Google says social signals effect your rankings and the more tweets, likes and shares you have the more likely Google is to look at your site as an authority site and reward you with higher page rank.

Develop a Circle of Influence

Connect with other bloggers and develop a circle of influence, people who will help promote each other’s content to their own social, business and blogging networks. Some bloggers set up private Facebook pages or Skype groups so the can contact each other when they’ve published a new post. Even if you only have two or three people in your circle, that’s still a lot of sharing you didn’t have before.

Join Blogging Communities

Join formal blogging communities, too, to help promote your blog. Try BlogEngage for example. You’ll meet other serious-minded bloggers who share posts, write and accept guest posts, and help promote each other’s content in the individual communities.

Promote to your List

Promote your new posts to your list. A few years ago I had a popular blog where I posted only three times a week and I didn’t keep to a regular schedule at all. Each time I published a new post I sent a broadcast email message to my subscribers with a huge build-up telling them about the new post and the traffic would pour in. All that traffic also resulted in a lot of sharing on posting days.

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  1. Chuck Bartok

    Basically we have NEVER relied on one source of traffic.
    Since many of our sites are “narrow niche oriented” we find solid and return traffic from Social contact.
    Interesting this past year..
    Pinterest has been #2 traffic referral, with high conversion for a couple of our companies.
    Don’t misunderstand, Google is important, BUT we do not count on that company for our Income

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