Maximize Blog Income 10 Secrets to Apply Today

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Maximize Blog Income: 10 Secrets to Apply Today

You have created a blog and added top quality content. You have marketed yourself and have significant traffic coming to your page daily. Now you have a new goal. You want to convert your visitors to subscribers and increase your income potential. It is a hefty task to take on. There is more to conversion than simply having a blog. If you pay attention to ten simple secrets you will have much better success at creating subscribers from the traffic you acquire.

  1. Minimize the clutter on your blog: Your readers are there for content and valuable information. They do not want to have to scroll through a lot of what they consider junk to get to it. If reading your blog becomes a chore, they will move elsewhere.
  2. Grab attention: This may sound simple, but so many fail to do it. Believe it or not, it begins with your blog design. If you have a clean, attractive blog then your readers will take notice and pay more attention to the content.
  3. Create catchy headlines: No one is going to read a story if the title is boring. The same is true for blog posts. Create something catchy that leaves them with unanswered questions. They will continue reading to find the answers and you have the opportunity to win them over.
  4. Have content that readers want: Before you create any content, think about your target audience. Yes you will have various people stop by and many of them will not be in your target market. Unfortunately you cannot appeal to everyone. Your goal is to be what your target market is looking for. So write for them.
  5. Provide interactivity: Nothing is worse than a blog that doesn’t allow you to get involved. Promote interactivity on your blog. Ask questions. Look for answers. Give them a chance to develop a bond with you and the blog.
  6. Reply to comments: You do not want your readers to think that answering your questions is pointless. When people comment, make a point to reply. As your comments grow you may have to randomly reply as there may simply be too many. Until then, reply to every comment you receive.
  7. Showcase your personality: Readers are not looking for boring details. They want to see the person behind the blog. Let your own personality show through in your writing and in the replies you leave. Remember that you are not an encyclopedia for answers. You are a blog and part of the appeal is you.
  8. Give them a reason to stay tuned: Do posts that will be continued the following day. Set a specific schedule for certain types of posts. Do something that tells them that they must come back on a specific day to see what you have to say.
  9. Reroute them to a subscription page: When a user comments for the first time, redirect them to a page to subscribe. Make it simple for them to do so. Many times readers are not aware of how to subscribe or that it is important.
  10. Offer them something for their subscription: Nothing works quite like something for free. Find out what they want and give them a piece of it. Have something that they will acquire simply for subscribing. You will find that this works well almost every time.

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  1. Ming Jong Tey

    Hey Steven,

    Out of this 10 tips, I love the tip of crafting excellent headline most. Most of the people tend to just look at the headline before starting to read the post. If the headline is attractive enough, it will soft of wet the appetite of the readers and they will look forward to reading what you offer.


    1. Steven

      Absolutely! It’s essential to work on writing amazing headlines. It is what will make people either read your post or discard it.

  2. Bharat

    Heat Maps are also useful to tracks on the clicks on a particular page. I tried it once, it surely works.

  3. Steve@earn Money Online


    you have included some great tips for conversion here. it is all about user experience and guiding them to the resolution you desire. It is never a matter of more ads and links but making sure the ones you have earned the proper place. If you think of your readers experience first and foremost in your mind and then try to think of how to get them to click the links you want second you almost can’t go wrong. Great tips here!

  4. Shamelle@betterbloggingways

    Clutter is really bad when it comes to high conversions for opt-in. Is this true for regular banners? I have noticed on my own sites that when I reduced the number of banners being displayed, my bounce rate actually reduced and clicks increased. Call to action is very important but I have only used them in content, I guess its probably time I learned how to use them in other contexts as well. Great tips!

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