Make Money Online Tips Can You Apply Them If Your Blog Is Not About Making Money Online?

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If you hang out in a popular Internet Marketing forum then you’ve probably seen this question more than a few times.

You’ve probably also see your fair share of bloggers who boast about making a six-figure income selling Make Money Online products.

And their products always seem to focus on how to make money if you’re in the Make Money Online niche.

Which leads to the real question: Is anybody who’s not in the Make Money Online niche actually making money with their blog?

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I have to admit, I bought quite a few of those Make Money Online products when I first started blogging. And then it occurred to me – Most of these tips were only relevant if you were blogging in the Make Money Online niche. These guys were pros at marketing to other Internet Marketers, but what about all the other niches? If they couldn’t make money in a “real” niche, then how valuable were the tips?

Let’s face it, there are two types of bloggers – those who blog about making money online, and everybody else. And there are two types of audiences – those who want information about making money online, and everybody else.

First, let’s take a look at why we only hear about successes in the Make Money Online niche…

  • Bloggers in other niches don’t have a special public forum where they can share their success stories.
  • The “Make Money Online” niche is huge compared to the Dog Food Recipes niche so it makes more online noise.
  • Bloggers in other niches don’t want to let their competitors in on their secrets.
  • Bloggers in other niches who choose to sell their secrets sell them as Make Money Online products, not “How to Make Money in the Dog Food niche
  • Bloggers in other niches don’t want to brag or boast about their successes.
  • Bloggers in other niches think it’s nobody’s business how much money they’re making because they’re not trying to promote a Make Money Online product.

Now, do those Make Money Online tips work in other niches?

In most cases those make money online tips will work in any niche. Here at Dukeo I try to keep my information geared for the average blogger, not someone blogging in the MMO niche, and in cases where I think there should be a distinction I usually point out how the tip would work in a general niche and how it would work in the MMO niche.

If you think about it, would you buy any of those Make Money Online tips if the blogger didn’t tell you how much money he was making? Probably not. You wouldn’t buy a weight loss product without seeing a before-and-after picture. You wouldn’t buy a knitting pattern without seeing what the finished product would look like. And you wouldn’t buy a book of dog food recipes without seeing a picture of a shiny, happy pup.

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  1. Michelle Quillin

    There are many ways to make money online, Steven, without selling MMO products. I wrote a post a while back called “50 Ways to Make Money From Traffic to Your Blog,” featuring 50 revenue streams!

    Julia Scott (Bargain Babe) put together a slideshow of all the ways her blog makes money, and I’ve embedded that in the post. Andrew Warner and Darren Rowse are favorites of mine who create amazing content that’s become very popular, and now they convert their considerable internet traffic in multiple ways. Andrew gives promotional plugs for companies at the beginning of his interviews, for example, and Darren sells his blogging courses and runs a jobs board on his website.

    You produce excellent content, by the way. I hope it’s making money for YOU! Thank-you for being so reliable!

  2. Venkatesh Iyer

    There is this old belief about how people who sell you make money online products make money from selling those products, not from using the methods described in those products. Well, I subscribe to it. There are very few MOM peddlers who practice what they preach. I got fed up with MOM products a long, long time ago.

  3. Sunday

    Those tips can work in just about any other niche. Blogs about making money online have overshadowed other niches because of the concept of money. It all boils down to results. Your list of reasons while MMO niches are heard more often are factual. Therefore, anyone can apply the tips in other niches to make money.

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