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It’s time to get in touch with other bloggers.

If you’re the shy type and just the thought of this task sends you into fits of hysteria, relax.

The worst thing that can happen is they ignore your email.

But you might just make a connection that can be the turning point of your blogging business.

It’s a Small, Small World

Fifteen years ago experts said we were only six people away from knowing everyone on the planet. Now, with the Internet and easy access to mobile devices, I think I read somewhere that the degree of separation is less than two people. You can winnow it down even further by introducing yourself to other bloggers.

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There are bloggers in every niche, all over the world, who could potentially help you grow your business in ways you can’t even imagine right now. They may know more about business than you do, they may know more about traffic generation or blogging in general, or they may know more about software.

Or who knows? Maybe you’ll just become good friends and one day, in the middle of a Skype chat, one of you will say something out of the clear blue sky that just sparks an idea for a killer blog post or a new stream of income. Stranger things have happened in the blogosphere, but they won’t happen to you if you never leave your blog.

How To Introduce Yourself To Another Blogger

It’s never a good idea to approach anyone, especially a busy blogger, and ask them if they can help you with something on the very first contact. The best way to meet anyone new is to briefly introduce yourself and offer up a compliment.

The next time you’re reading a blog post you really enjoy, find that contact button and introduce yourself to the blogger. And remember, it doesn’t have to be someone blogging in a relevant niche. Blogging is blogging, no matter what niche you’re in so you’re automatically going to have a lot in common.

Compliment the blogger on the post you just read and tell him why you enjoyed it. Remember, this is the first time this blogger has heard from you and you’re trying to make a connection, so if you have something negative to say, cushion it with lots of positives first.

If you feel you simply must try to form some type of give-and-take relationship during this initial contact, be on the giving end of the transaction – unless you’re offering advice. Nobody likes to hear, “I really liked your blog post but I think it would have been better if you had…

Don’t approach this task as an opportunity to form a new business relationship. Find a blogger you’d sincerely like to connect with just because you like what they have to say. You can never have too many positive relationships and you can learn something from everyone you meet.

Once you’ve completed this task, leave a comment and let us all know how it turned out. Did you make a new friend today?

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