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Everybody likes to be noticed, to be famous, and to be influential among their peers. In fact, these are the main reasons people blog.

Why Put The Spotlight On Someone Else?

Yes, there are some benefits for your blog. That reader is going to send all his friends and family to your post, and he’s going to be a loyal follower for life, now. But personally, I think it’s just a good thing to do. I know whenever I see another blogger talking about me it makes me happy, so why not make one of your readers happy? They say whatever you put out into the Universe comes back to your threefold.

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How To Put The Spotlight On Someone Else

Pick one of your readers who comments or send you emails. If you don’t have any readers to choose from yet, pick another blogger, preferably one who’s less well known than you are.

1 – Use their comment as a post idea

Sometimes a reader just leaves one of those Wow! comments that make you smack your forehead and wonder why you didn’t think of it. It’s a very insightful comment that adds a lot of value to the post. The problem is, not everyone reads comments so most of your readers won’t even see it. Turn that comment into a post so everybody sees it, give credit to that reader and make that reader famous.

2 – Write about their blog

If that other blogger is leaving comments on your blog, visit his blog and write about it for your readers. Highlight a few of your favorite posts and tell your readers what you like about his blog.

3 – Send Your Readers To Another Blog To Comment

Write a post about your reader’s blog, linking to a specific post, not his homepage. Ask your readers what they think but send them to his blog to leave their comments. This works even better if you close comments on your own post and leave the first comment on your reader’s post.

4 – Feature a Reader of the Week

Pick two or three readers every week and talk about their interactions with your blog. Did they ask a great question? Did they suggest a good post idea? Did they have a complaint or problem with your blog?

Obviously, each of these ideas will make your readers happy, but they’ll also have benefits for your blog – they’ll increase reader engagement and they’ll make your blog sticky. But if you’re doing it simply because you want to benefit your blog then it’s less meaningful for your readers. Eventually, they’re going to see right through you.

So your homework is to put the spotlight on someone else today because you just… want to make someone happy. When you’re finished, come back here and tell us about the reader your chose.

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  1. Harsh Shah

    Nice article, after a long time ,have read something new , or you can say unique article..I totally agree with your term ” every one likes to be noticed” well how don’t like to get fame? Everyone likes :) even I :p ***Highly Recommended*** hey ! Why don’t you make me Famous ? I’m your blog’s reader :P haahaahaa:D

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Harsh.

      Every single blogger would like to get some level of fame. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not necessary an ego thing. But fame equals traffic equals sales.

      It’s as simple as that…

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