Mailing List Strategy You Marketing Plan Should Include List Building

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Mailing List Strategy: You Marketing Plan Should Include List Building

Marketing is not something that is fun to think about, talk about or do. However, it is a necessary part of running any type of business. This is especially true if the business is online. Without marketing you will not get the traffic you want and your revenue will not increase. Lack of revenue leads to lack of income. You can easily see how this can hurt your business and possibly even cause it to fail. So having a marketing strategy is a must if you want to succeed. Knowing what to include in that strategy is where things can get difficult. One place you can start is with a mailing list.

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Why a mailing list? Well there are a number of reasons that you will benefit from a mailing list. The first and foremost is that it has absolutely no cost for you. The best marketing that you can have is that which costs you nothing and brings in business. This is what you get with a mailing list. Short of the time it takes to create whatever is being sent to the list, there is no expense involved. You only have to provide a way for people to sign up and potentially something to entice them to do so.

Now obviously the only way free is good is if it works. Mailing lists have been proven to be successful over the years. How is that success measured? Simply put, you will see the results by the amount of traffic you receive to your site. Those things you send to your mailing list will drive people to your site for more information or even to view what you have available at the time. This traffic can lead to revenue generation and that is your ultimate goal.

That would be the third reason that a mailing list should be a signature part of all marketing strategies. It brings in revenue. It may be from sales that are generated through the list or it could be from investors that are impressed with the size of your list and success of your site. Either way you are generating income that is helping you to grow your business. That is the final goal of any marketing strategy you could have and is a direct result of the mailing list that you have created. This would make the mailing list a success from the very beginning.

When you set out to plan your marketing you will incorporate many things. That is because no one step will be all that it takes to succeed. Instead you need to ensure that you have a wide variety of methods that work together to boost your revenue. Just be sure that building a good mailing list is one of them. It has extensive power in the business world and keeps you connected to your customers and clients. Not only will you see the income increase, you will also notice that your reputation continues to get stronger as well.

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  1. Joseph

    That’s truly said Steven, marketing ain’t a fun thing to do. But when this is done via a mailing list it could be at least fun a bit.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Tuan @ Techwalls

    This is absolutely right. I am using Mailchimp on my site, do you think it is better than Aweber?

    1. Steven

      I’ve been using Aweber since day 1 and I’m not planning to change any time soon for 1 simple reason: they rock! Great service, responsive support, a lot of guides and walk-through. There is simply no reason for me to use another provider.

  3. Joseph

    Like Tuan, I have also been using Mailchimp for a while now but I was think to test aweber for any next mail list since a buck ain’t much to cry about. At the same time I feel Aweber is quite awesome people in the make money online niche but not web nerds.

  4. David

    Would be interesting to see some posts on actually building the lists. – best methods, practices, etc.

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