Mailing List Schedule What is The Best Day and Time to Send an Email?

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Mailing List Schedule: What is The Best Day and Time to Send an Email?

We’ve talked before about how one of the best ways to increase your open rate is to send your emails on a regularly scheduled basis. But what kind of schedule should you use? What’s the best day and time to contact your mailing list?

Honestly, the best answer to this question is to use split testing to determine the best time and day to contact YOUR list. After all, every list is different. Each list is created for different reasons and each list addresses a completely different audience. However, there are some general guidelines you can start with:

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The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Monday open rates are generally lower because people are going back to work after having the weekend off. They spend Monday catching up on work and getting organized for the week ahead. Fridays are slower because people are trying to finish up their work week and don’t have time to check emails. Mondays and Fridays are also the days people take off when they want to extend their weekend.

Saturday and Sunday are typically slower, too, because people have things to do on the weekend – errands, shopping, family get-togethers, mini-trips, etc.

If the bulk of your subscribers are people who are home all day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will still generally be your best days because these people usually have to interact with people who do have a regular work week.

The best times to send are 6 a.m. And 6 p.m.

Schedule your email blasts for 6 a.m. And 6 p.m. to get the most opens. The 6 a.m. blast takes care of your subscribers who check their email before they leave for work and it’s the first thing they others see when they hit their desk in the morning.

The 6 p.m. Email hits their computer right about the time they’re logging on to chat with their Facebook friends after dinner.

Now, there’s nothing that says you can only send one email and hope for the best. Why not send multiple emails throughout the week until you get a better handle on your personal list?

Of course, you don’t want to send the same exact email because that would irritate some of your subscribers. Change up your content and put plenty of good, fresh information in each email. Then, try sending one out on Saturday or Sunday morning and see what kind of response you get.

Personally, I always got a very good open rate with a 6 a.m. Sunday mailing and I think it worked so well for two reasons:

  • I had plenty of time to put together a really great email and back it up with a killer blog post
  • My subscribers got to the point where they were expecting this email because I sent it every Sunday, like clockwork

So start with the general guidelines and then do some testing to see what works best for your own subscribers. The main thing to remember is – Be Consistent!

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