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Mailing List Monetization: Turn Your List into Profits

So you have heard that having a mailing list is important for your site. You know that you should promote it and try and build it up. You have even been told that it can be a great money maker for you. Yet you still do not understand how. What exactly can you do with a mailing list that will allow you to make money using it? How can it turn such a great profit that it is worth pestering your visitors to sign up? Believe it or not, there are many things that a mailing list can be used for.


You have a site that you want to make money on. Whether you are selling a product or service or simply writing a blog, you will need traffic. Traffic to your site is the only way you are going to have a chance at making any money. Even those who have been to your site in the past may not consistently visit it. They may be left unsure of what you have available at the moment or if there are special deals. If you have a mailing list then you can promote your site. By sending information to your list subscribers you can direct them to your site for the latest products and deals. This increases your traffic and potentially your sales.

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Not only do you need traffic, you need people to purchase your products. How can they do that if they are unaware that they exist? Maybe you started a new affiliate program and want to offer it to your customers. Using your mailing list you can market your newest product and allow them to have a chance to purchase it. It also works if you have created an additional site, such as a blog, to go along with your primary one. Marketing it to your current email list is a great way to build up the current customer base or readership you need.


Maybe your site does not sell anything. Perhaps you run a non-profit site that simply provides products or services free of charge. If this is the case you often will need donations to keep everything running. You can ask for them on the website, but you are only reaching those that visit your site. If you choose to use your email list you can approach those that know about and believe in your site and request the donations you need.

Mailing lists are as important as you have been told. They hold extensive potential for bringing in revenue because they allow you to directly contact each person that has subscribed. Those who do not regularly visit your website might still make a purchase if they were aware of what was being offered. Directing traffic to your page is not only good for your income potential, but also for your business reputation. The key is to not abuse your mailing list. If you send out these emails constantly then your subscribers will opt-out and consider you a spammer. Use care when taking advantage of them and you will see the potential that they hold for your business.


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  1. Samie

    I haven’t had much luck with mailing lists in the past. It could be because of my content, what would you suggest is a good intro line to get people’s attention?

    1. Anon

      You could always pay someone to write them better. Lots of people online who have had training that will do that for cheap.

  2. Dana

    I’m going to send this to my friend, she owns a struggling non-profit and would really benefit from reading this! Thanks!

  3. Sarah

    What other ways are there of driving if the mailing list isn’t proving to be sufficient? I have a mailing list but I’m not sure that’s enough.

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