Losing RSS Subscribers 10 Things to Do to Save Your Blog

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Losing RSS Subscribers: 10 Things to Do to Save Your Blog

Chances are you already know the value of your RSS subscribers. They are a consistent following that prefer to be kept up-to-date on your content at all times. Losing some of them can cause concern. After all, it may force to think about what you are offering and whether or not it is appealing to them. There are generally reasons that people leave and knowing what those reasons are is vital to retaining them in the future.

Even so, there are a few things that you can do when you start to notice your subscribers leaving.

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  1. Get to Know Your Readers: The fact is that your readers are there for a reason. If you have no idea what that reason is then it is time to get to know them a little better. You should have a fairly good idea of what they want to see and expect each time they visit your site. This lets you ensure that what you provide meets those expectations. Otherwise you will produce content for yourself and continue to lose subscribers.
  2. Provide Something for Readers: Knowing what they want is only half of the battle. You have to also be providing something relevant to them. What you offer should be something that they can continue to use. If your information has no benefit to them, then you will continue to see a decline.
  3. Create Stellar Content: Regardless of what you say, it is imperative that you say it in the best possible way. If your content is sub-par then your readers will look for the information elsewhere. There is a reason that they chose your site and it is important to stick to what brought them there in the first place.
  4. Connect with Readers: Nothing is worse for your site than for you to be distant and aloof. Your readers want to see a personal side of you. Open up and showcase your personality and you will see that you lose fewer subscribers. Get involved on your site and interact with your readers. This goes a long way towards showing why they should stay with you.
  5. Give Advice: Your readers look to you as an information source. Take the opportunity to give them some advice that will attract their attention. Do you run a food blog? Offer tips on how to bring out the flavor of the latest dish and see the comments that come when it proves to be successful.
  6. Draw Them In: Your readers want a reason to read. This means attracting them from the very first word. Creating a headline that encourages people to keep reading is essential. It should spark their interest and leave them curious at the same time.
  7. Network: Bloggers become a community and this community could prove beneficial to you. Network with others and arrange to swap links. Offer guest writers the chance to appear on your site. Anything that can bring in readers from other blogs is beneficial to your site.
  8. Encourage Interactivity: The more interaction you have on your site, the more beneficial it will be. Talk with your readers. Get opinions. Ask questions. Encourage them to respond.
  9. Hold Contests: When you are offering something in exchange for becoming a subscriber you are giving your readers a chance to sign up. This can often lead to long-term followers. Contests are a great way to liven up a site and grab the reader’s attention.
  10. Don’t Panic: The best thing you can do is relax. You are going to have drops in subscribers. In some cases it is as simple as a glitch. In others, you have lost a few. Focus on how to improve and retain the ones you have and you will find those numbers begin to build again.

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  1. Kevin @ Calgary Web Design

    This is totally true!

    People often forget that their list is not just a number. They are actual people who are looking for someone to engage with them and help them benefit.

    Great list and thanks for the post!

    1. Steven

      Thank you! Keeping in mind that you are always writing for / talking to real persons makes things a lot easier.

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