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List Value: Offer Value In Your Email Messages

If you’re an email marketer or a list builder, it’s very important that you offer real value to the subscribers of your list, in each and every message that you send out. The term “value” isn’t hard to understand – it means you need to teach them something, or offer them something useful.

You might want to teach them something in the email message itself (if space permits), or you could even tell your subscribers to check out a great free eBook you’ve written for them – or direct them to a series of videos.

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Giving out free stuff – are you crazy?

It might seem a little mad to pay to have a good eBook written, only to give away free. It might seem even more crazy when you bear in mind the fact that you probably had to give the person something free to sign up to your list in the first place.

There is method in the madness though, and this isn’t a one way relationship where you keep on giving things away. The idea of offering your readers lots of useful resources is that you’ll build up a relationship of trust with them; they’ll see you as a guide, or a mentor.

That means when it comes to promoting some premium products that actually cost money, your list will be much more receptive to your recommendations.

You don’t have to give away free things to your list at all – it’s totally up to you. That said, those who do, and those who do focus on building that special bond or relationship with their subscribers will find that they have much better conversion rates when mass mails are sent out.

How to offer value

Here are some suggestions that you could take up in order to successfully offer value to your list:

  • Offer a free eBook
  • Offer a free video series
  • Offer free personal coaching
  • Offer access to an exclusive webinar
  • Offer access to an exclusive forum
  • Offer access to a Beta version of software

These are just some ideas – but these freebies all offer value. Don’t just send out junk to your list – make sure whatever you give out is actually worth something and will increase their knowledge in the topic area.

If you’re giving out an eBook for free for example, ensure you have it properly written and formatted, don’t just send over something that looks like a child has done.

The point of this exercise is to establish an aura of respectability for yourself, your company, and your brand.

There’s a simple way to check if you’ve offered value in your emails – look at your list stats! If you send out messages and your subscriber numbers are falling, the chances are that your list just aren’t interested in your messages.

This means that you’re not offering value in your messages, or you’re not offering enough value for them to want to stay on your list. Ultimately you must add value, if you want your list to grow.


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