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Ask any blogger to check his stats and he’ll tell you that list posts are the most popular content on his blog. Any blog, it doesn’t matter what niche. And here, in a list post, are eight reasons why lists are good for getting traffic to your blog.

1. They’re Scannable

Online readers have very short attention spans. List posts are popular because they can quickly scan the post and get all your important information.

2. They’re Short & Sweet

If you start writing with the intention of creating a list post you’re more likely to keep your post clear, short, and to-the-point. No rambling means your readers “gets your message” and you look like more of an expert.

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3. They’re Neat

Readers like the orderly arrangement and the breaks and white-space on list posts. As soon as they land on the page they can tell it’s going to be an easy read, so they stick around and read it.

4. They’re Easy Linkbait

Other bloggers like linking to list posts. It’s easy to summarize your article for their readers and one link is all it takes to send their own readers to your blog.

5. They’re Comprehensive

You can include a lot of information in a short amount of time, which means your visitors will actually read it. If you feel your readers need more details you can link to a relevant post in your archives.

6. They’re Easy To Write

Because you’re breaking your thoughts down into smaller, more manageable pieces, these posts almost write themselves. In fact, list posts may actually help improve your writing because you’re forced to organize your thoughts and express yourself in as few words as possible.

7. They’re Persuasive

There’s a strong psychological influence in a “10 Reasons You Should…” post. And because you’re expressing those 10 reasons in a clear, concise manner, your readers are more apt to pay attention.

8. They’re Easy To Share

The key to creating viral content is to craft something that just automatically compels the reader to share it, without thinking about whether or not they’re going to be bother their followers. Lists posts are usually so persuasive and packed with information that readers don’t even hesitate to hit that Share button.

Most articles focus on how easy it is to create a list post or why list posts often go viral, but the main reason you should use them is simply because readers love them, for all the reasons mentioned above. And if your readers love your content then you’re automatically going to get more traffic.

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  1. Laura

    Great article! And you practice what you preach! Lists are much easier for us to read/scan and comprehend.

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