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List Building Tips: The 7 Easiest Tips Ever

I hate using industry slang, and the phrase “The Money is in the List” is so over-used it doesn’t even register anymore when I hear it. In a way, it’s true. If you want to make money online, eventually you’re going to need a list. However, the amount of money you make depends on the quality of your list. Here are 7 easy tips to grow an email list that doesn’t just cost you money at aWeber. Read on to learn how to create a list that actually makes you some money.

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  1. Use a reliabe ESP: Right from the very beginning, set yourself up with a reliable Email Service Provider. You can’t do it with free email like Google or Yahoo and the email that you have through your hosting company will collect addresses but won’t allow you to broadcast. and are two popular programs used by most Internet Marketers. You’ll have a small monthly fee but it’s worth it for the peace of mind and the variety of features you’ll get that you can’t get anywhere else.
  2. Set up multiple forms: There’s nothing that says you can’t have more than one form. I have several, scattered all over the web. You use different keywords to attract targeted traffic to your blog every day. Make sure that no matter how someone finds you there’s an opt-in form right there for them to trip over.
  3. Use landing pages: You can put an opt-in form in the sidebar of your blog but eventually it will just fade into the background and no one will notice it. You can also tell people in your blog post that if they subscribe in your sidebar they’ll get something for free. But it’s much more effective to use anchor text in a blog post and send people to a landing page for your opt-in form. There’s nothing else on the page to distract them and you have a whole page to tell them the benefits of joining your mailing list.
  4. Give them a relevant reason to join: It’s old but it still works. Give them a free mini-ebook or guide that will immediately solve a problem. But you have to present it with a strong call to action. Put your opt-in form on a landing page without distractions and then tell your reader exactly what problem you’re going to solve for them if they join your list. Create a sense of urgency and they’ll sign right up. Be wishy-washy and you’re just wasting your time.

    This is where it can get tricky, though, and this is where a lot of marketers drop the ball. Whatever freebie you’re offering has to be relevant to the keyword you used to attract that visitor to that page. If you used the keyword ‘make money blogging‘ and you offer them a free guide with article marketing tips, they’re not going to join your list because that’s not why they came to your page.

    Be prepared to have different freebies for each opt-in form if that’s what it takes to get the traffic you need.

  5. Share your email: Share your emails on Facebook and Twitter. With aWeber you can configure your settings so each of your broadcasts goes straight to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. When they read it on Facebook they actually see the whole email and it includes a Share button so your followers can pass it along. Make sure you include a link so new readers can find one of your opt-in forms and join your list, too.
  6. Use an opt-in form as a doorway: Use your opt-in form to grant access to Elite information. Use it to block access to a password protected post, or even an entire password protected blog. If you tell people that only a privileged few can access that information they’ll be begging to give you their email address. People hate to be excluded from anything that includes the word ‘Elite’.
  7. Invite your social groups: If you have a Facebook fan page you can go to Apps and install an aWeber opt-in form on your Fan page. When I set up my Fan page I set up my default page with a call to action that told visitors they had to Like my page if they wanted to see more information. Once they Liked the page, the next page they saw was my opt-in form – and it was all right there on Facebook.

    But don’t overlook other social networks you belong to. A lot of Internet Marketers are beginning to discover the powerful connections they can make at LinkedIn. Start a discussion and send all of your group members to a blog post that entices them to join your list.


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  1. Mikhail

    Thanks for the tips. Aweber is great for starting out. But I would also recommend infusionsoft for more sophisticated email marketing.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for sharing your experience Mikhail. Right now, all my lists are hosted with Aweber and I’m completely satisfied with the service :)

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