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List Building Reason: Stop Overlooking This

Sometimes I think if I hear the phrase “The Money Is In The List” just one more time I’ll go completely ballistic and have to check myself into the nearest mental health facility. While it’s true to a certain extent, it’s also shortsighted and misleading. It leads you to believe that there’s a direct connection: If you have a list you’ll make money. But there’s so many things wrong with that statement I hardly know where to begin. But begin I must, so let’s give it a shot, shall we?

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The Wrong Reason For Building A List

If you’re building a list because someone told you that all you had to do was blast out a link every day and you’d be rolling in dough by the end of the month, you’re wrong, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with that stupid phrase. Too many marketers take it literally.

If you stop and think about it it’s taken an enormous amount of effort on your part to convince someone to opt-in to your list. People don’t easily give up their email addresses. First you have to earn their trust. You can offer all the free guides you want, but if that visitor doesn’t believe you have his best interests at heart he’s not going to join your list. If he does, it’s only because he wants whatever it is you’re offering and he has no intentions of opening future emails from you.

Once you’ve convinced someone to join your list, he’s only valuable to you as long as he continues to open your emails, because he’ll never click on your links if he doesn’t first open the message. How long would you continue to open emails from someone who never added anything of value to your conversations and spent all of his time trying to get you to open your wallet?

The Right Reason For Building A List

If you’re building a list so you can strengthen the bond between you and your subscribers then you’re on the right track. While it’s fine to include an occasional link to a money page, it’s more important that you work at building a relationship with your subscribers.

That doesn’t mean you have to get up close and personal. Your subscribers aren’t naïve. They understand you have a business to run and that you’re using email as a means of promotion.

But take a look around you at the people you do business with on a day-to-day basis. You go to the same little coffee shop every day because the waitress is friendly and chats with you while she’s topping off your cup. You go to the same car salesman because you’ve known the guy since high school and he always cuts you a good deal.

In both cases these people are taking care of business and making money from you. And you may be able to get a better deal somewhere else but you don’t even bother looking because of the relationship you have with these people.

Your first reason for building a list is to build just these same types of relationships.

The Most Overlooked Reason For List Building

The most overlooked reason for list building is traffic generation. If more marketers would realize that everything they do online should be focused on driving traffic to their blog then there’d be a lot more successful bloggers out there.

Your blog is your place of business. Your waitress doesn’t meet you at the newsstand with a fresh cup of coffee every morning, you go into the diner. Your mechanic doesn’t tune up your car while it’s sitting in the grocery store parking lot, you go to his garage. They could meet you halfway, but they know that, as a customer, you’ll trust them more and spend more money with them if they have a permanent, professional place of business.

So it only makes sense that if you want your subscribers to do long-term business with you, you need to tailor your emails to bring them onto your blog. The more often you can get them to visit, the stronger your relationship, and the more money they’ll spend over time.


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